“CAN YOU ASCEND” -Apostle Michael Orokpo

Apostle Michael Orokpo
Apostle Michael Orokpo

The only thing you can find with sons are the altars he littered everywhere because he knows the only way he can ascend the mountains of God and look upon sacred things that are weapons in the spirit is when he ascends, so, each day he wakes up he tries to go higher because authority in the spirit is a function of height.

The higher he goes, the more he can establish the mandates of God.
For him, Prayer is way of Ascension and as he ascends, he notice that there is a translation and transubstantiation.

“As he prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered” that’s how you wear your heavenly garment.
There is a height you get to that there is nothing that fits anymore except the celestial garment.

That’s why Paul said “…we groan to be clothed”
We groan…..so anytime we want we want to be clothed, we groan..
There is something standing that is not responding to my voice, so I need to go higher because there is another vibration that needs to be added to my voice in order to Shift the mountain, so I ascend…I mount up with wings as the eagles.

There is a technology that prayer brings to you, THEY MOUNT UP WITH WINGS AS THE EAGLES.

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