Min Theophilus Sunday
Min Theophilus Sunday

Min Theophilus Sunday is a fire branded, spirit filled minstrel of God who hails out from kogi state, Nigeria. He’s a young man probably still in his 20s or early 30s now who has in no small way been a massive Blessing to this generation as he goes around campuses, churches and on chanting his songs and worships to the glory of God which has mightily spread wild over the years turning hearts to Jesus, setting men on fire for God, setting the captives free by his songs, healings, Deliverance, impartation, revelation and on like that.

This man is a huge blessing to this generation…his songs and way of ministering them while on stage is a kind that is not seen in our world because he comes with his own unique style and pattern as led by the spirit.
When he stands to pray, you would hear a thick voice, but when he stands to worship, his voice becomes light.
It’s said that he’s a man of prayer much more than he sings, chants or worship. While other young worshippers think of voice training, instrumental follow up and other music stuff, this man (min Theophilus Sunday) hails out to pray, and when he prays, he goes for hours …Can you imagine this?

He takes time to pray well than meditating on a song, and when he comes out to sing you must feel the presence of God and all kind of things will begin to happen. Do we see the secret there? When a wrestler wants to fight or even when his less busy, he takes time to gym and jug and push ups and such, when you see him coming, he’s not telling you he’s not prepared to fight, he stays prepared…this is how the kingdom life is supposed to be…you don’t prepare when you are coming up, you stay prepared, so that at anytime even if you are been woken up from sleep, and they bring a demon possessed, as you opening you one eyes, you cast it out by power.

why because you are always prepared,,,, praying in the holy ghost,,, chanting all the way, your spirit is always alive to the dictates of the spirit as God in you flows like a river.

Min Theophilus Sunday has been privileged to minister in many different places in Nigeria and outside Nigeria…his songs has gone through accross the world and has Massively been a massive Blessing to so many.
This is what God told him that all young ministers should learn from…

He was saying this in one of his recent interviews in 2020 with Apostle Michael Orokpo (another fire man, which we would not talk about today ) at the Ignite Kingdom Ministries…this is what he said that God told him:

“I was praying when the lord spoke to me and said…when you go to minister, minister as though you are in your secret place, you are also going there to be ministered to, don’t go there as a minister”…he went further to say “what I do on stage is what I do even in my secret place”
This is so powerful and informative…

we all know about the dealings of God upon a man, but there are dictates and patterns that should be honored and given place to as the walk of God to men that we can learn from and add up to our lives that makes up and help us also in our walk with him.

You can watch the complete video by clicking on this link below

Hmmmm…I thank God for this man, min Theophilus Sunday…Today there are many young ministers who ministers like he does and too as such amazing people blessing and changing lives in their own ways.

Some of minister Theophilus Sunday songs includes:
Holy fire
Spirit fire me up
Agaba Idu
Spirit Lead me

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