As part of a recap on his groundbreaking teaching on the Power and Pursuit of Purpose, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome while rounding up his teaching at the International Pastors and Partners Conference in Lagos, identified three key powers a ministry needs to thrive.

These are:

1. The power of resources.

2. The power of faith.

3. The power of love.

Describing the teaching session as a classroom, Pastor Chris pointed out that God never does anything without purpose. “He always has a reason, there’s a reason He chose you. You were chosen before you were born” he added.

Frowning at how people easily describe the birth of someone as a mistake, Pastor Chris noted that “the circumstance of your birth has nothing to do with whether you are chosen. The circumstances of your physical earthly birth has nothing to do to hinder what God can do. He is the Father of all spirits”.

Delving into the exposition, he pointed out that there’s ordinary earthly destiny, like how you were born, by who, your nationality, exposure, education, all that will determine where you go and how you grow, that’s earthly destiny, he said.

“Many go in that direction. That which is flesh is flesh…”, he added
He noted however, that when one becomes born again, the new destiny begins which is different from natural forces, once God becomes the father and that is when the journey begins, he said, describing such journey as from glory to glory.

Such individual starts running his own life, becoming lord over his life, taking decisions, and in doing so, he follows the will of the father and the more he relates with God, he discovers that God is even more willing for that individual’s success and happiness than he could ever know.

That is the power of relationship with God, he pointed out. Pastor Chris stated that those who know God do not struggle; they are always swimming in joy and eager to do his will.

God bless you

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