Apostle Joshua selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

When you continue saying the wrong things and keep complaining……..
You continue to attract the spirits that sponsor that situation because they partner with your thoughts and words and so the situation will continue………
Many of us have continued to partner with demons and that’s why our situations have not changed………
Complain only prolongs your situation…..

There are people God can do 30 things for yet because of one problem….. ..
“oh I didn’t get admission…
oh my finances…
Oh my marriage…”
And they get angry and act like God has never done anything in their lives……

They trivialize all other blessings God gave them and focus on one negative thing…….
Have you not been eating?
Have you not been breathing?……
Remember when he healed you of that sickness…….
remember when he saved you from accidents…….

Remember when you thought all hope was lost but he showed up for you……
Yet we trivialize his blessings………
Learn to appreciate God for what He has done in your life and watch him do more than you can imagine..

When you trust God, you commit to Him.
God does not give men doors…. He is the door!
Once you are following Him in your sincerity, I tell you the truth even in your error, He will make sure you don’t miss it. He will say “I AM THE DOOR…Pass!”

When you see God do the great things he does through my life and through many great men..
it’s not because we got his instructions 100%… it’s because our hearts are sincere..
So while based on what you saw in a vision that am supposed to die….God shifts the door and says Pass!! Let the enemies keep prophesying themselves into doom..

They were right that i was supposed to die but GOD IS GOD!
They were right….
their predictions were correct….
I shouldn’t have made it but GOD IS GOD!!

Choose whose path to follow…I chose God.
I don’t walk with God in fear..
Since God revealed this to me, I live a very happy life and to hell with Satan….
My heart for God is the chief requirement..and He will take me to the place of destiny…..

My sincerity puts pressure on his reputation….
He changes things for my favour..
That is why when a man gives you prophecy, it’s still not the highest thing…..
you can change it…

He is speaking based on what he saw, but there is something between you and God that can change it…..
So even if the bad report the doctor saw is right, your sincere walk with God can cause it to change in your favour.

Door means access..Don’t let people tell you that you have missed it…You can’t miss God.. He is the door.. Just follow Him in sincerity…

This is a message for someone..Don’t be afraid..

God bless you


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