Apostle Arome osayoi and Apostle Micheal Orokpo

I had a conflict with an Ezemuo some years ago, Hallelujah. Yeah I went to visit him in the shrine, by instruction, he was in the shrine on the mountain shrine, singing a strange song and putting blood on the 22 altars, if I mention the tribe, some of you are from there, so I will leave the tribe out. So we came for a crusade, and the Lord spoke to me and said pay a visit to the Ezemuo in the land, so I got someone that was a son of the land, took me to the place, and while we were climbing into the shrine, the man now came out and said “hey! Who are you?”, we said noooo!, it’s only criminals you speak to with that kind of voice, bring the voice down (laughs hilariously along congregation).

I don’t know about you, but I believe in power!
I believe that Jesus is a powerful God, yes I believe it. Came to the Ezemuo, the Ezemuo was 100 years old when I met him, the next thing he discovered, was that his demons that gave him support left him so he became afraid, and tried to threaten us, I said ahhhhhh if you try that again, then I will curse you, then he now calmed down.

Then I began to deliver the Gospel in a very clear form to him, then before I could finish delivering the Gospel, nine 9 old men like himself joined him to support him. I gave them the Gospel, I think it lasted… I gave them for about 20 minutes. Because we fought for 12 minutes, not fight as physical fight, through utterance, so that one lasted for 12 minutes, before I started preaching the Gospel and after preaching the Gospel, I led 9 of them to Christ, and I made them to renounce the altars, they were mentioning the names of the spirits, before we went down for crusade, and by the time we got down for crusade, when we were singing praise and worship “You are worthy oh Lord” cripples began to walk without prayer, “You are worthy ohh Lord, Angel’s are singing….You are worthy oh Lord, You are worthy ohh Lord” (congregation responds).

We led an entire village to Jesus, including their Ezemuo. It did not happen because I brought a periodic table there, it was by power. God wants to commission you to be an agency of his power! That’s the only way we can do the business that Jesus is calling us to handle.

As you go, Jesus said heal the sick, if you find a sick person, that’s a platform of engagement, cleanse the lepers. If you find a leper, that’s a platform, even if you find the dead, that’s a platform and only power can answer to these things and God will help us in the name of Jesus.

Do you know something that happened? Because when the cripples began to walk without prayers, about 22 women in the congregation ran away from the crusade ground, so we kept our Bible on the pulpit and ran after the women. We left the crusade, left everything, the praise and worship was still on, we followed these 22 women and they ran straight to the highway, we arrested them, demons came out of them and living things came out of them too, we didn’t leave them there ohhh, we also gave them Holy Ghost (congregation applauded), gave them Holy Ghost, then we came back.

By the time we were finishing, I think it was 2am in the morning, the entire village was singing the song of Jesus.

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