This Generation Must Understand The Significance Of Trans – Generational Mantles – Awe Hilary

Trans - Generational Mantles

I see a lot of young believers and even pastors attacking Bishop Oyedepo, and I have also seen that this Shiloh 2020 is biting alot of people. However, my prayer for such people, is that God opens your understanding and vision to see the huge spiritual deposits in these fathers.

If Elisha despised Elijah, he would not have had the double portion of the anointing, even the sons of the prophet knew that Elijah would be taken up, but what did they do with that information? Nothing!

When I see my spiritual father Dr Paul Enenche, who is well established in ministry going to Shiloh yearly, with other fathers like Pastor David Ibiyeomie, then something should appeal to your reasoning faculty that there is something they seek. Their attendance is not to help Bishop Oyedepo fill up the ministers’ seats, No! There is something they seek, because they have caught the vision, and unlike the sons of the prophet, they are acting to maximize the vision, like Elisha.

I have studied the life of some of our fathers in the Lord, like Elisha, they won’t let go, till they get the double portion of the mantle, yet our generation sits on Facebook and other social media platforms to criticize and abuse them, instead of being partakers of these huge spiritual deposits.

Dr Myles Munroe who still ministers to me, even after his death, made a remarkable statement, when he said “…dont die old, die empty”. What a great secret revealed to the spiritual man. I was privileged to be in the last meeting of Dr Moris Cerrulo at the Glory Dome of Dunamis International Gospel Center (DIGC), where he ministered to a large congregation. When I saw the man, I tapped my wife and said to her, this man is about to die and funny enough, after his ministration, he turned to the senior pastor, Dr Paul Enenche, and asked him by saying “What do you want?” and he laid his hands on him and prayed. Those who were in the spirit, knew that he was transferring mantles to the senior pastor of DIGC. Also with keen interest, I also saw Dr Morris Cerrulo visiting other men of God, with the same mission. However, few months later, he died. The man died empty, because there was no usefulness of those mantles in the grave.

Our generation must understand that, there are mantles given by God to be passed from one generation to the other, but if we display pride and arrogance, by not exercising the character of humility, some of these mantles would be lost to time, and never to be recovered.

I pray again, that God will give us the grace to apply wisdom at all times, and cure us from the scourge of folly that we have dressed up with the appearance of being “deep”.

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