Apostle Arome Osayi
Apostle Arome Osayi

“The first time I was taken to heaven, was at the age of 13.
When I was in boarding school, for one academic year in school one angel used to visit my bunk. Because those days I said, I’m not ready for the call. He came disturbing me that “you are called, you are called” for one academic year. The day I accepted, “I will answer” he stopped coming.
He won’t come to you oh….
Because you’re shallow and the word of God has no place of authority in your life. He won’t come.

During my youth service, I now said “Lord, I have accepted to answer the call, is that why you have run away?”
And I took a fast, 264 days. On the 264th day, that’s when my spiritual eyes opened.
2002, 20th of October. The things I saw are not lawful for human beings to utter.

I know how long I will live upon the face of the earth.
You, all you know, is that you’re studying geography… (laughs hilariously and speaks in tongues)
I write unto you today, just like John wrote to us. I write unto you young men, for ye are strong and the word of the Lord abideth in you and ye have overcome the wicked one.

2002, Encounters began, 2009 I was kneeling down and praying, and Jesus was standing before me. The instruction he gave me in 2009 shaped my life, that’s how many seconds? it was about 13 seconds of instruction, it shaped the last 10 years of my life. So the next time He appeared was in September 2019, so it was 10 years.

And what He told me in September, was “resign your appointment now” meanwhile I’m about to be a manager in the oil industry. Yes, my housing allowance, will become 21 million every year, and The Great One says don’t take that promotion go and what? submit your resignation.

Meanwhile you are studying engineering or architecture so that you can touch 1.. 1 million (laughs hilariously, alongside congregation). Meanwhile, I’m good at what I do, I’m very good at it. In December (2019), I’ll be qualified to become manager, to cross into the managerial cadre. He said submit now, next month, because I’ve followed His voice all these years, If I cry here now, Jesus will come, if something touches me and I cry, Jesus will come I know, because I’m not living for myself.

I write unto you young man, because you are strong. And the word of the Lord abideth in you, and ye have what? overcome the wicked one.
Many times I’ll have died in airplanes, yes many times and I’ve seen how he brought deliverance, because it was not time.
I’ve seen death turned backward, If you know Him, there is nothing left to fear”.

Transcriber: David Loh
Message Title; Unijos Prays 2019

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