Pastor Femi Lazarus And Wife
Pastor Femi Lazarus And Wife

Can we just say 2020 is the year of love and marriages? People found love, so many proposals, pre-wedding pictures flying everywhere and you are just wondering what is happening with your life
Before you start shouting “God why” getting bitter and pressurized by the fact every lady you know got married in 2020 don’t forget God knows the best and has the best plans for you.

I was shocked at the rate of marriages despite the lockdown, some may even go extra mile so they can be called Mrs before the end of 2020!
You are in your 20s, almost 30 yet not married and you feel bad because it is almost the end of 2020, here is what I came to say! The year you get married doesn’t guarantee a peaceful home.

The age you find love doesn’t mean it would last forever, your only guarantee is THE WILL OF GOD.
2020 may end without you getting married but it means nothing. You may get married in your late 20s and still have your kids before 30! You need to relax!

Its okay if you didn’t find love or get married in 2020, we still have God’s time. God’s time may be next year or not but please don’t rush it! Don’t make the thought of marrying rob you from offering service to God as a young lady!

I want you to relax and wait for the bundle of blessing God will give you as a husband, don’t settle for any standard aside God’s will! You will be happy you did sis, yes you will
Don’t let anger and bitterness stop you from celebrating with those who found love this year! Attend weddings, dance with joy, don’t let the thought weigh you down! Relax sis
Look at those pictures, breathe in, don’t feel troubled, see the joy and happiness! See yourself in a wedding dress soon.

In other news, Pastor Femi Lazarus is married so if you saw him in your dreams last year, wake up
Relax sis, 2020 is not last year!

Beloved, the truth is, you can read all the marriage and relationship books available on Amazon .
Day by day, you can go on facebook , Whatsapp or any other social media and read different write ups and articles by notable men and women who in fact have a happy relationship and marriage with their spouse.
But if you still lack a relationship with God, the Holy Spirit, you will still remain vulnerable and you will still be prone to mistakes in relationship

If you lack an intimacy with the Creator and establisher of marriage , although you have read so many books, listened to so many sermons and attended so many seminars , you will still miss it in marriage….

If for a whole year, you were faced with a situation of saying Yes to immorality or saying No. A tough situation that only God saved you from.
You received slaps, beating from a guy who claims to love you because you receive gifts and you are still in the relationship! You want this year to finish without ending it?

I want to give you the go ahead to move on with your life. Sometimes we pray for quality relationships when we refuse to cut off the toxic ones.
It was until I let go of the relationships taking the place of God in my life that I receive GIFTS of quality friends. If only you can relate.

You are holding unto someone that you know will do you no good because you think you are enjoying some benefits, try leaving and see God bringing men your way.
It hurts sometimes. You are hurting but you can’t leave because it would hurt you but here is an encouragement to leave!

Toxic relationships that take the place of God and take your sanity.
Toxic relationships that stops you from being better and growing.
You should drop out of it and first build a relationship with the Father.

What am saying in essence is this,
First build a relationship with God, then you can have a correct relationship with man.

Blessed? Some sisters need to see this, it could really help

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