“SEX IN THE DREAM” – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

I keep repeating it,Life is Spiritual….

Hear this,
In a hotel where I was staying.
One early morning while heading to have my breakfast, I met one of the boys that works at the hotel.
I decided to interact with him, I called him to join me for the breakfast, he did and we started talking.
In middle of the conversation he told me how he graduated from the University of Benin with an honour in Economics.

Since then he started looking for a job without finding any until he decided to come to the hotel and become a waiter.
The sad part of the story is that according to him, anyone that promises to help him accidentally dies or become poor.

He didn’t understand his life but decided to live with it.
He told me that each time he’s promised a job or someone offers to help him, a strange woman suddenly appears and have sex with him in dream and once that is done, the promise fails.

Many people are going through this.
Read this carefully!!! Having sex in dream means you are married and sleeping with demons.
Nothing on earth is more jealous than a spiritual husband or wife, if you have sex in dream nothing will work physically for you.

Once you have sex in dream, you have left your blood inside a demon as a man and as a woman a demon has left his blood inside you.
Anywhere you go, you carry demon inside you that’s why everything you try to do fails.
Your life will be frustrated up to a point you would ask if God does exist or not.

I prayed for this young man and that same night in his dream, a woman came and gave him a ring and waved him bye.
Today, he’s working with a Bank and he is married with kids….

See, When you understand this, you will reign in this life………….
Are you getting blessed tonight?……..
You better be interested in what I’m saying………
So when you pray……
Shebakatabalanda… (tonguing)..
Ratazokapaliata …..
There is a rising……..
Your spirit is rising……
In science, when water gains energy,
what happens……….?
It changes state….. From ice to liquid to vapour…….

That’s what happens to your spirit man………
When you gain energy, there comes a change of state……..
And you keep rising to the plane and the mountain of God………
And when you allow the holy spirit to train you sufficiently, you see a list of job offers and instantly you will know the one to go for ………
Because every time you lay your hands to pray, He begins to lead you……

Friends!, I hope you know this is what they do to occultic people……..
The moment you’re initiated, (he’s not initiated, I’m just using him as an example)….
The moment you’re initiated,
what happens?……
They come to you in the night……..
They are trying to activate your organs of expression in the spirit…….

And they begin to show you things that you have never seen………
Suddenly you see a lizard …….
Then you see a picture, you think it’s a dream and it disappears……
And suddenly you see some people bring you…..
And then, for many people they say….a matured man like this travelling in a groundnut shell or something……….

Now, they are frustrating science to make the spirit alive in you……..
That cannot be understood scientifically…….
After a while, you conceive it as a reality…….
And you begin to walk in that light……..

The grand mother in your village sits down, and just perceives that your brother is going to excel……..
And through that perception, they use incantation to confirm it……..
And sits down there with her old stick and shouts and says “come back to the village and die”………

And she goes to bed……
And the senseless, carnal_minded businessman meandering the streets of London………..
And for reasons you cannot account for, he will take a flight and come back, and then he will come and die in the village………..
We are not just raising men of understanding, but men of power…….

Oh God Deliver Us !


45 thoughts on ““SEX IN THE DREAM” – Apostle Joshua Selman

  1. Sir
    Same with me
    Am always having sex both with male and female in my dream
    Even 10mins ago while taking my siesta it happened again
    Am tired sir
    Please pray for me sir


  2. I have also been fighting this for a very long time now. I always have sex in the dream once in a while, maybe when i am about to be blessed it will come up. Please i need prayer


  3. Good morning sir,pls I have been having this dream of sex since I completed my secondary school,anytime I have this sex dream something bad happen to me promised and fail,setback even concerning my marital life,I had two CS the first one I gave birth successfully but the second one didn’t survive, I’m pregnant now having the dream again man of God prayer for me I have prayed fasted I don’t know what to do plsssss sir pray for me


    1. Me too Sir
      I dream having sex. I’ve been fighting this for a very long.
      Especially when something good wants to come my way, I begin to see strange things in my dreams.
      My health is affected by this😭
      I’m seriously tired of this happenings
      Please pray for me Sir


        1. Pls pray for me too sir, or is there any particular prayer points I can pray, I always have sex in my dreams also and I’m tired sir. While I was fasting and praying I didn’t have sex in my dreams, but the 3rd day I finished fasting I had it again pls sir pray for me


  4. Sir please pray for me I just came across your page on the internet right now while searching for the meaning of sex in the dream, which started just yesterday and today so early in the morning, nothing has been working in my life, please pastor what will I do to overcome this bondage


  5. I have this sex in the dream once in a while but ignore it and reading about the implications and reflecting on happenings around me now, I now know and have began prayers . Pls pray for me


      1. Please man of God I have been experiencing this for long I have fasted and prayed but I still experience some please help me.


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