Theophilus Sunday
Theophilus Sunday

Being a Man of God is beyond having Anointing. Men of God are men of Authority. Men of God are like Senators…
It takes authority to legislate over a territory.

It takes Authority to Colonize a territory and bring it under the Lordship of Jesus

Men of God are mortal men like us who’ve been granted access to some divine secret Codes…
When things are not going well in their territory they know what to do… they know how to utter the laws of nature, and sometimes shut the heavens just to bring their territory back to order.

Elijah didn’t say: “If I be a prophet of God…” he knew that there were many prophets in Israel who were Voiceless…
instead he said;
2 Kings 1:10 “And Elijah answered and said to the captain of fifty, If I be a man of God, then let fire come down from heaven…”

It will take great Sacrifice to attain the Status of a Man of God…

Apostle Ayo Babalola once summoned all the witches in his territory to meet him at a certain tree by 2 A.M for an open challenge if they think they have power… But non of them showed up.
This was a man who could embark on 40 days dry fast successfully without any health challenge.

Archbishop Benson Idahosa was born in a land where there’s was a high level of witchcraft activities… But he was mightily used by God to subdue them.
At a point witches and wizards wanted to hold an international conference at Benin city where he stays… But he single handedly stopped the meeting.

These were men who were jealous for God… they can go extra mile to defend the Gospel of the Kingdom..

During the military regime, there was an Order from General Buhari that there should be no open crusade…
The only man of God who could withstand that order and still went ahead and held crusades was Archbishop Benson Idahosa.
The Church in Nigeria lost her voice after the death of the Archbishop.
We have a lot of Anointed men in Nigeria, but the Church is yet to have a Voice… of ours

Evans Robert, the pioneer of the Welsh Revival began to chase God as a teenager to a level that sometimes when they call him to the dining table his response would be; “I’m not hungry”

I’ve noticed a level of spiritual hunger for God that consumes physical hunger…
You’re so hungry for God to a level that you can tarry for days and hours without food or water.

A hunger that when it comes upon you, prayers and fastings will not be an issue.

You’re so carried away with the Deep things of God to a level that you’ve even forgotten that you’ve not eaten, you forgot to take breakfast, you forgot ur lunch and dinner and still feel like continuing.

It was this kind of Hunger that David had that made him to say;
Psalms 69:9 “For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up…”

One major sign that you’re sick is that you’ll lose your appetite.
And anyone who lack hunger for spiritual Food (the word) and Drinks (Tonguing) it’s a sign that he’s sick spiritually.

The Princes of Israel saw God at mount Sinai, and they all ate and dined with God;
Exodus 24:11 “…also they saw God, and did eat and drink.”
They were WINING and DINING with JEHOVAH.

Are there Youths Here?
You say if I fast now, I’ll become lean, and my neck will become long.
No Dear, When you fast you don’t lose weight, you lose Flesh…

Daniel in his days took just vegetables and water for days so that his body will be light; for effective studies and prayers…
And at the end, he became ten times better than his colleagues..

If you must go ahead of your generation, then you must do what others are not doing.
Matthew 5:47 ” …what do ye more than others?…”

You must be ready to drop PLEASURES and seek for TREASURES.

There’s a level of Hunger you’ll have for God you won’t have time to keep Malice.

There’s a level of Hunger for God that consumes LUST.

They say a Hungry Man is an Angry man… A man who’s Hungry for God will be Angry at Sin.

Can you please cry to God to make you a Man of God and Consume you with His Hunger !

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