Excerpts From 3 Messages From Apostle Joshua Selman That Would Bless You !

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman


let me tell you a big secret;
The key is not in your perfection,
the key is in your sincerity..
Learn this…

It is not in hearing God 100% that guarantees your victory…
It is the sincerity of your heart.
God first!
You touch a man who is addicted and committed to God, you are in trouble.
Put God first, and God always.
The first key to exemption is when God occupies every space in your life..

Troubles will come and will pass you as if you are a spirit…..
There are people who loved God while on campus and threw him away after they graduated….
When you throw God away….
you permit hell to invade your life.
Koinonia hear me….

I love you too much not to tell you the truth..
run away from anyone who makes you not to prioritize God.
Job lost everything but had one thing left…
his wife wanted him to give up on God but he refused and God took note of it!

Your finances crashed but hold God first..
The job didn’t come….
the marriage didn’t work out….
but hold God first..
let the brother come and meet you loving God..
Let God and you be inseparable….


To wait upon the Lord demands seriousness and intention.
The best way to wait upon the Lord is to fast… but even if you eat….eat light enough to allow your spirit…
There is a relationship between the business of your mind and food.

Once you have chocked yourself with food.
Even medical people tell us..by the time you eat a lot…I mean if you take a lot of food… You find out your body will begin to hibernate…
you want to sleep.

So sometimes you will need that space…
There are many believers…it’s amazing..as far as I’m concerned…
I stand to be corrected…but a christian who does not fast is not a serious christian…
I’m not talking of special corporate fast.
There is no week in my life I don’t fast.

Impossible as saying Satan died for my sins.
Are we together…..
Could it be that your belly is the reason why your destiny is closed??….
Yes sir!…
Could it be that you have not held unto the four horns of the altar in a RETREAT??…

There are men who have not encountered true power because they are not ready for it.
When you get angry with life…that door would open oo.
It’s just that many people are too casual about life.
Lord!!..why is my destiny locked left , right and center…shakatobakataba
You close the door.

No food…if God can grant you the grace… no water.
You stay there…you lock the door.
Lord!..you have anointed me as a man of God..
What is happening??…
My church is not growing..
My life is not growing…
Lord..something is wrong..
What is wrong with my music ministry?….
Nobody is placing demand on my grace .

While people are sleeping in the night… You’re rolling from left to right praying..Shakatabakata
(tonguing increased)
Tears coming out of your eyes.
You’re crying your destiny with passion.

Lord! Open the gate of my destiny…
I’m the first born…
I’m the last born…out of fifteen people.
Thirty people in my lineage..nobody has risen.
There has to be a way out
What is that yoke oh God…

3. If It’s Only Church You Go To And You Don’T Know The Holy Spirit, You Won’t Make Impact! – Apostle Joshua Selman

I will forever be grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for restoring our lost relationship and fellowship with the Father. His death, burial and resurrection has open the door of fellowship with our Father, and we can enjoy the presence of our Father now. Hallelujah!

This same Jesus made it abundantly clear that it is impossible for you and me to know the Father without the Holy Spirit who is on earth and in us today as the Spirit of Christ.

The Holy Spirit is the custodian of the mystery of the Godhead and the kingdom of God. Unfortunately, He is not known by many believers because they have no personal relationship with Him – this is not good for the church.

Every believer should exist in relationship with the Holy Spirit and live in constant fellowship with Him and become a carrier of His manifest presence to bless others.

I have desired and pursued a life of fellowship and intimacy with the Holy Spirit since July 1994 when I met personally with Him.
Do you know what? I am still going hard after a life of deeper fellowship and intimacy with Him. Nothing else matters but to know Him and walk with Him.

I have learned by experience when you give Him the first place in your life you will find His love and presence.
Fellowship is said to be same fellow in the same ship. Fellowship is conscious effort put into relationship to make it work, fruitful and fulfilling by knowing and understanding the personality of your friend.

Dear friend, let me encourage you to consciously pursue a life of fellowship and intimacy with the Holy Spirit as if your life depends on it – truly your life depends on it

I earnestly pray that the body of Christ will return to the Holy Spirit and live in fellowship with Him and be led by Him. Amen.


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