Pastor Chris Delvan
Pastor Chris Delvan

Pst Chris Delvan shares how the Holy Ghost led him on his first international missionary journey.

I’ve done some things with the Spirit, I have walked in things that I was not taught, He has just told me do this, and I will do it. One day, in Warri, I had just done my biggest meeting, I sold about 600 cassettes, so I had #60, 000. My wife and daughter came, I was reading Acts, where Paul was restrained by the Spirit from going to Britannia, and I was thinking how do you want to preach and the Spirit is stopping you.

I was just learning how to be led by the Spirit. Paul said “in the vision, I saw an European, and he told me come to Macedonia, come and preach to us, we’re ready”, he said immediately, “I knew the Spirit wanted me to go to Europe, so I sailed to Macedonia”.

When I read the story, I said these stories, are they for the time of the Apostles, don’t they happen anymore? Then the bible fell on my chest, and I slept off. Immediately I slept, I saw a man with my eyes, whether in the flesh or in the spirit, I don’t know, but I was too sure. The man had a wrapper made of multi colors like the kente cloth of Ghana, a short nika, and sandals of animal skin.

Immediately, I knew he was a Ghanaian. He said to me, “man of God we need your ministry, the city gates are open, Strike while the iron is hot. Now is the hour, don’t hesitate, pls come sir”. I was too excited I forgot to ask his name.

After the vision, I said to my wife, “the bible is alive”, she said “yes honey”, I said “I just had my Macedonian vision, a man from Ghana said to me to come”, she asked “what did he say?”, I said he said “the gates of the city are open”, she said “is Ghana a city?” she said “what is the name of the man?”, I said “I forgot to ask him”.

She said ok, she preached my message back to me, saying “if you don’t know Jesus, anytime money enters your pocket, you’ll begin to prophecy ministry”. So she said “you better go and ask God, you want me to die with my children, this money you have, let’s share it”, so I gave her #30 000 and held #30 000.

I said I’ll go to Lagos, and then Ghana, she said “I’ll follow you to see how you’ll leave, at least, I have my share, if you die, me and the children are ok”,
and she followed me to Lagos, but I paid her transport oh… you know women are very wise (laughs). So we got to Lagos with my 1000 tapes (10 Cartons) and I got a car to take me to Ghana, my first international trip as a man of God (laughs).

The driver was a baal worshiper, he told me to pay him 4 or 5k, that he’ll settle all the security and borders to Ghana. The first customs that we saw, asked for #20, we had not even reached seme border, the man started swearing, that he will not give. I said oga, I have settled you, settle them, the guy said “today you people will know my mother is a witch, Kobo una no go see”, then he stripped naked on the road…(laughs). So I said to Jesus, “I no hear you , I want to go home, I don tire

“. I spent one day and one night, traveling only from Nigeria to Ghana. Before I left, my wife gave me a card of her friend who schooled with her, that works in Ghana. She said “if you get there without seeing the man that invited you, go to her house, eat and bath, let us plan to repatriate you

So I got to Ghana, came out at the motor park, looked around, I forgot to ask Paul “when you got to Macedonia, did you see the man?” I have reached Ghana now, all of them were the same, I was just standing looking at them, I said “useless people where is the one I saw?” (To himself). So I heard some people speaking in Hausa, so we greeted, I asked for Nigerian Airways office, they directed me just close by.

So a boy took my things to the Nigerian Airways office for free. Immediately the woman saw me, she said “Baba Joel”… you know when you’re doing well, people call you Chris, if something is wrong with you, they’ll say Baba Sam (laughs). I was dirty from head to toe, obeying God, learning the voice of the Spirit, an eaglet in the school of the Spirit. She asked what I came to do, “you mean the ministry has become so big, that they invited you?”, I said “yes”, she said “what pastor?”, I said “they are many” .

When I got to the house, she gave me foods and I cleared it, so she said “you’re going to lead us in prayer tonight”. So I started preaching, she began to ask me questions, her children too. I taught till about 2am, her husband lived in Lagos then. She said “you need to sleep, so tomorrow my driver will take us to the Pastors that invited you”. I said “ok”, so in the morning when I woke up, I knew she would soon come to wake me, I heard her bathing telling her children, “I’m in a hurry, I need to go oh, and I’m taking uncle with me”, so her little baby was crying saying “no leave uncle oh, I need to play with him”. Then she said, “no he needs to see the pastors that invited him”.

Immediately I heard her coming, I started… (speaking in tongues ). When she heard me for 5 minutes, I heard her telling her children, “he’s praying, let me go to work and come back then I’ll take him (laughs). Meanwhile, give him his breakfast, and 50cedis, I don’t think he has changed his money to Ghana money yet”.

Kobo!!! I no get (laughs hilariously).
When I came out, they said “uncle, mommy has gone to work”, so they gave me my breakfast and the 50 cedis, so when she came back, she asked if I went out, I said no, I was really tired, I just spent sometime at home. That evening again, I taught them bible till, 2 a.m. The next day again, I was praying before she went to work, she left another 50 cedis, so that day I went out, every pastor I knew in Ghana, their people will not let me see them, they were laughing at me, calling me 419 pastor from Nigeria, they’re all 419, and I gave them some cassettes to give their pastors, they collected it and were listening to it and refused to give their Pastors.

So I went back, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, no door, one day, the woman said to me “Baba Joel, I hope it’s not that your spirit… spirit thing that brought you to Ghana again. Is it the Holy Ghost?” Because when I got born again, that was what they knew me with, so I said “He’s the one oh”. She said “don’t worry, I want to tell you the truth, if you came to Ghana only because of me, you did well. You don’t know what God used you to do this 1 week in this house”. Then the next day, I said “there’s 1 last Pastor we went to university together, I said, at least if I see him, I will sell at least 10 cassettes, get #1000, so that I can pay my way from Ghana to Lagos and cover my shame”.

We drove there, they said he traveled out of the country, so we were returning and I spoke like Jeremiah, I told God you deceived me and I was totally deceived, I said from today, don’t speak any nonsense, I said you see me now, I’m wise you don’t have my interest at all. We were driving, and then had an accident then I closed my eyes and said Jesus, He said “you said you won’t talk to me again”, I said “shut up”. Nobody outside was hurt, I injured my sheen while I was sitting down, I said to him what did I say to you now, you have deceived me, I said to him this is the last time you’ll speak to me. Anything prophecy… I don’t even want to let it end with prophet. I don’t want to hear.

Then He said to me, make your plans, today is Thursday, you will leave Ghana by Monday, from now till Monday, you will not have time to rest because of the amount of ministry. I said hei…hei… hei… shut up, I don’t want to hear. They said the police high command would fix the car, the police took me to a nearby station and made me sit, they brought 3 cold drink, that I cool down first, so I opened the first, and was cooling down, then Jesus said “are you still angry?” I said I have warned you for the last time.

Finally I got home, that afternoon, my bosom friend, who was now a bishop, came out of his office and heard a voice singing “in the day of His power, the people will be willing now”, he heard it with his clerks, he said he was in his office and he heard the song, so he thought it was the Spirit world that was opened to him, because he said, human beings don’t sing like this. So he left his office to find out if it was the atmosphere of heaven that had come. Then he heard it playing in his general office, then he went to the Pastor and asked what cassette is playing? They said, oh it’s one 419 man that came here, he said he’s your friend, he said he’s a pastor.

The bishop said you mean human beings sing like this? There is nobody that sings like this in Ghana …and I know that voice. So he punched the cassette and brought it out, and he looked at the song and he said Chris Delvan came here? And you collected 12 cassettes (I wanted to be sure the bishop got it), then he said to them, all of you are sacked if you don’t find him and bring him to today’s service.

So they came out, didn’t know how to find me, they didn’t ask for my address, but the Holy Ghost was waiting, when they all stood outside discussing, the security asked what they spoke about, they told him. He said is it the man that came with Nigerian Airways motor? That’s how they went to the airways, they said we’re looking for a Pastor, who is a singer, his name is Chris Delvan, then my friend said he’s in my house, at dzorwulu, then they drove down to me, as they came, it was already to 4pm, then they said to me, you must come with us, papa said you’re going to minister this evening.

Do you have any tapes? I said they’re many, so they packed the 10 cartons, and we drove, when we got there, the first service was finishing, immediately I came in the bishop ushered me to the front, with introductions, I was saying in my heart, papa don’t lie, I am your son, I just want to sell 10 cassettes so that I can go home. Then he stood up and said in closing, I will bring my friend for the first service, I am sorry, you people are not going to have a full blast of his ministry, but now he’s going to sing and in the second service there’ll be no praise and worship, no prayers, no nothing, I will just turn the service over to him.

I was saying to him, keep quiet, I want to sell 10 cassettes, only 10, if you know the trouble I’ve been through, then I started singing “in the day of his power, the people will be willing”.
So the first service people began to fight for the cassettes, then the second service people who were outside, were also fighting for the cassette.

They didn’t know what they were fighting for. So by the second service, the man of God stood up to introduce me, then the head usher came, and they were talking, He said to me Chris, did you bring any cassettes, I said yeah we brought, plenty, he said where are they I said in the booth of the station wagon that brought me. The head usher said no there are only 10 cartons, it’s finished. I said you mean 10 cassettes? Because how many cassettes did I want to sell? 10.
They sold the entire 10 cartons, then the second service people started saying, no we no go gree, we no go gree. We couldn’t preach, then the Bishop looked at me, he said Chris, how many cassettes did you bring to Ghana? I said 1000 sir, the way I said the 1000, is like 200 million . He doesn’t know the wahala I went through with those cassettes, I was ready to return to Nigeria without the cassettes.

Then he said to me, Chris Delvan, this is preposterous, how can you bring this quality ministry and then you brought 1000 cassettes? Even my church alone, we’re about 5000, so he said church what are we going to do? I suggest, let’s send Chris Delvan back to Nigeria on Monday, and then let him make cassettes and send it to us by air. Then they called one customs man, who will be responsible for bringing the cassette to church by Thursday, me I came by road, my cassettes came by air.

Transcriber; David Loh

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