Holy Spirit My Love Partner !

Holy Spirit My Love Partner
Holy Spirit My Love Partner

ohh.. When I get sad because of my background or situation..the Holy Spirit is the one that tells me..You actually look ugly when you frown… Then He’ll say… That day you were happy..I liked the way you danced for me… Can you dance that dance again?

Then I’ll just get up… And start dancing… Before I realize I’m already laughing loud… Joy just fills my heart….
When something really bad happens.. and I get disturbed and begin to cry.. that gentle voice would ask… As you keep worrying..has it changed anything?…I wouldn’t reply.. by worrying has the situation changed..in tears.. I’ll say no..

Haaaa..I love this part.. then he’ll begin to pet me like a baby.. you know I love you.. just let it go.. sweetheart… I’ll be like leave me alone jhor..(normal shakara now) then he’ll continue..I don’t like seeing you like this..my love….you’re beautiful you know? Then I’ll begin to smile.. oya sing for me…

I’ll start singing.. before you know it..all the pain is gone…
I call him my Bestie.. I don’t keep secrets from Him.. even if I mess up.. I’ll still tell him exactly the way it happened… He’s never angry at me..me just corrects me and help me change that attitude… A day came..I said to myself..I wish I could see you..I’ll just hug you and never let go…

So much peace in his presence…
I wonder how people get through life without him when everyone and everything out there is designed for our down fall…
Please get the Holy Spirit…Build a relationship with him…

Even when others talk you down he’ll tell you one hundred and one reasons why you’re unique and adorable… He’s not this fearful being or just an instructor… He’s a Lover… A true Lover….

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