Revisit The Stories Of The “Crooked” Women – Shola Allyson

Shola Allyson And Her Husband
Shola Allyson And Her Husband

Dear Woman,
You look at other Women whose journeys have been straight and you condemn yourself because yours have been crooked…
Maybe because Mary, Rebecca, Rachel and other clean Women in The Bible are the ones we’re trained to be like.

Then, boom, life happens, throws us jabs and we can’t just be “clean”! So it makes you feel defeated, condemned.
But do you know the story of Rahab the harlot? Woman at the well who married many times whom Jesus defied tradition and gisted with? Tamar, who “re-arranged” her own journey? Ruth with strategy? Mary Magdalene who had evil spirit, Jesus’s friend? Why don’t you revisit the stories of these “crooked” Women again?

Shola Allyson

These Women, because of the culture and situation of their days, were stigmatised, vilified, despised, isolated, mocked, maybe as you are experiencing right now, but the common thing with all of them is the QUEST TO PLEASE THE ALMIGHTY AND WALK IN HIS WAYS. They BECAME so. They didn’t wait for someone to “tap anointing” from. They feared GOD and lived FAITHFULLY, wanted better and got “expo” of The Spirit on how to rewrite their stories!

And their stories changed! Beautifully. They became Women that matter, inspiration. Those who mocked them, what are their names? But these Women are still known, centuries later. Legends, I stan!
Your journey is different, face and own it, please! Don’t waste the treasures in your pain! I’m not saying suffering is good. No, it s not. And not everyone will suffer. But you’re suffering already?

Use it to draw strength and BE BETTER.
You’re not what happened to you. Maybe it’s your mistake sef, mourn it if you want but learn from it, use it for growth! Don’t waste your pain. Channel it towards BECOMING better.
It’s not easy o but will you allow the storm of life to sink your boat when the shore to glory is near? I’m sure Rahab and Tamar, my favorites, had fear but acted fearlessly!
Stop being bitter towards that Woman whose journey is straight, let her enjoy her life. It’s okay for life to be sweet!

Make better your own journey. You’re not your past! BEAUTY IS IN IT ALL!
My Sister, my kind, I wish you strength and courage. Mo lọv yín, gan.

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