31 Powerful Quotes By Apostle Arome Osayi

Apostle Arome Osayi
Apostle Arome Osayi

APOSTLE AROME OSAYI is a servant of God with a strong Burden, Commitment and Passion to seeing the Body of Christ established by means of Present Truth. He is the president of Remnant Christian Network headquarters in Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria with centers across Nigeria and Europe.

Remnant Christian Network is an Apostolic platform spread across cities in Nigeria and Europe with the mandate of striving for the Rebirth of Apostolic Christianity.
Arome Osayi is fully involved in training saints to man their duty posts accurately by means of Teaching, Preaching and Fatherhood.

The prayer anointing upon his life is contagious, listening to his sermons and sitting under his ministrations propel people into a posture of prayer and intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

He has authored books like “Kingdom Recalibration 1&2”, “Go Ye Into All The World”, “Forward”, “Birthing His Excellence”and others.
He is married to Dina Ololade and they have two children:Joshua and Esther, they make their home in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.
Indeed, He is a man who God has greatly helped!

Here are some powerful quotes from him that would bless your life tremendously:

1. Perfection comes by practice because practice is superior to learning.

2. Don’t think when you marry the will of God, there won’t be any problem, there will be plenty problem but He will show up.

3. The ground where you allow giants to win is the ground your descendant will always fight.

4. A man that is not prayerful cannot live right.

5. You will never pray enough until prayer becomes your lifestyle.

6. Intentional sin is the reason why crown fall off people’s head.

7. Prayer is an earthly permission for heavenly intervention.

8. Adverse circumstances are designed to drive you to the place of prayer.

9. You are nothing outside God but if you can maximize Christ you can actually become all things.

10. By design man is a creature of prayer.

11. When wisdom and grace Comes, people that dispise you will agree that God is with you.

12. God is not a general practitioner because every one of us has a particular agenda in his plan. There is something diligently designed for your life.

13. There is no forms of establishment that will stand the test of time if you don’t wax strong in the spirit.

14. Every spiritual thing that a man receives he will have to tend it.

15. Even though you were born naked, you were not born empty, this is the year of establishment.

16. No man of self can be a man of stature. You will need to grow into a selfless lane of the economy of God for you to be a man of stature.

17. The economy deep in it’s self is sacrifice, this Orientation is not common.

18. God has put in our hands all we need to mount up with wings but the sons of men are accustomed to walking on foot.

19. You are the prophet of that family the day you rise,the deliverance would be tied to that day.

20. We need a service to go high in the spirit,but kulman never needed a service, she was always drunk,she was like a sanctuary, what would you do with the holy ghost?

21.God can take his choices Among us and put him under pressure for positive Reason
2.God can allow his best Among people to experience situation that would make the person not to trust in himself but in God

22. Anything that occupy that space of your stronghold, of your reinforcement that you run to under pressure,that thing must be Displaced

23. Part of the reason why its Necessary for you to be in the Location where God want you to be is because your Dealing are assign to you consistent with location

24. The Holy spirit has that level of potency in Dealing with Flesh and Flesh Related matter because there is a compoundment
6.Sometimes even marriage might be a set up to Deal with the Aspect of the flesh you have Depended on so Long

25. There is a perspective of suffering that God will allow his precious jewel to go through in order for them to come out with the colour of God

26. What happened to man on the Account of the fall is that is soul that was supposed to be neutral and submissive to his regenerated human spirit became self

27.A man of self can not fulfill the purpose of God

28. God will not profit from a life that is self centered and self seeking

29. A man of self Doesn’t Need God supply, he operate within the power of his falling self.

30. if you promote a man that is self centered, the man will not only do Damage to the kingdom of God, he will also do Damage to you

31. If you a such a person that is Emotional, your self life is centered towards your emotions

God bless you !

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