Pure Again !

Mr And Mrs Lawrence And Darasimi Oyor
Mr And Mrs Lawrence And Darasimi Oyor

Do you think God hates Romance or Love? How can the Creator of Those things despise them. No he doesn’t. Infact it was his Idea that it’s improper for A man to be Alone, He discerned he needed a Helpmeet and He Created One For Adam.

He only despises when the Bed is Defiled before marriage.
My Fellow Sister , Let’s talk o. We must talk today and you will must tell me why you are allowing those guys Brainwash you. . I hate it When guys try to take advantage of you Sister. If I had the opportunity to know all these today I Wouldn’t have been a victim.

Why Will you be in that relationship that a guy would be treating you like a trash and yet you’re still in it. You told him no SEX and now he’s requesting for it and you refused and he starts giving you attitude . And you have the guts to say he loves you genuinely? You need to wake up Sis!
Let me tell you something, When you’re in a relationship and your PARTNER changed cause you refused to MAKE OUT With him, he doesn’t genuinely LOVE you. What he has for you is INFATUATION and not TRUE LOVE. He is only Lusting After your body. I Know there are times the GENUINE and SPIRITUAL Guys too are Tempted to ask for SEX But when you refuse they will never get upset.

Infact when they come out of that temptation, they Would Apologise for their actions, Cause they have the Holy Spirit in them.
And Dear Sister , Do you know it’s wrong for you to be in a relationship if you’re not in an Intimate relationship with God first? Do you know it’s Compulsory for you to Discover Your Purpose in the Kingdom of God before you say yes to any Guy for any relationship? Do you know you’re also Supposed to be Fulfilling that Purpose ? Your Purpose is your Kingdom Assignment.

Those Talents and gifts God has put in you, he needs you to Serve the BODY OF CHRIST with them.
Purpose is Different from Ambition/Career. Your Purpose in the Kingdom never stops you from having a CAREER. Sister it’s Also good for you to have a CAREER or at least a SKILL before saying yes to that Relationship.

Dear Sister , Do you know You’re Not Supposed to Be in a relationship with any Guy that’s not BORN AGAIN and Showing Genuine Signs of being one. Remember by their fruits, you shall know them. Yes he might be a Christian, But there’s a Big difference between being a NOMINAL CHRISTIAN & A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN. A Nominal Christian is just like an UNBELIEVER. There’s No difference between them Cause he doesn’t have The HOLY SPIRIT dwelling in him, so he must definitely Disobey God’s Standards for Relationships. Remember the Bible says “do not be unequally yoked with Unbelievers.”

Dear Sister , Jesus is Your first love but Why have you forgotten him? “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.
Revelation:2:4″ he is not happy.

He knows He Used to be your First love before that guy Came into your life. How you know you have Deviated or Derailed is When That relationship Pushes you Far away from God. A Partner Should make your Faith Stronger and not the Other way Round. Sister please Wake up! Open your Eyes!

Please Take time to view all these pictures I attached to this post. It Would make you know and believe that as a Young lady, there’s no wasted Efforts or time in making Jesus your First love . Those Ladies Inspire me A lot. Darasimi Mike Bamiloye and Folajimi Lawal. They are Fire
Brands! They gave God their Single Life and God blessed them with Good husbands.

If you’re a Lady After God’s own Heart , If you make Sure God’s Agendas Comes to reality on this Earth. He would bless you with everything good. When you’re ready for Marriage Men of High Calibers that Has Genuine Fear for God Would be tripping after you and you will even be So Confused to Choose.

And Let me Tell you something, Maybe you should ask Old Couples. all these Sex, Kissing, Romance… We are Striving for now and Disobeying God as a Result, We Would definitely Get Tired of Them When we get married. Oh yes! E go tire us eeh.
So Please Dear Sister , it’s an Appeal and Not a Command. Come out of every Toxic relationship. Some of you are in a relationship where a guy that has not even Paid your bride price is beating you and you’re still in it! If it’s a Charm it must fail today today!!.

Be In an Intimate relationship with God, the more you stay with God, the more you fall in love with him and the more you thank me for these Advise. As a result of your Intimacy with God you would Discover Your Kingdom Purpose and starts Fulfilling it. Go for knowledge. Get a career. Acquire a Skill and be diligent in all and at the Right time God would Reward your efforts.

I know It would hurt you to breakup but I promise you it won’t take too long. Highest A month. Even a month is too much to Forget about that TOXIC Relationship, If you’re dedicated to God. So don’t waste too much tears okay . I am also here to guide you by God’s grace. Just contact me

Prayer: Sweet Jesus, I know I have failed you greatly in this relationship. Please Forgive me. Make me to be pure Again. I want to renew my Love with you, I also want to Discover my Purpose and Fulfil it. So help me God. Amen
I love you so much and want the Best for you.

Source: Sis Amaka Agoha

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