PRACTICE RETREAT – Apostle Joshua Selman


Many of you stop growing spiritual, you didn’t backslide but you are not growing either, because you are doing a lot of cooperate things
I can know whether you are one that is of the secret Place by the consistency of self glorification, if up to one month in your life without seeing need to spend time with God your life is under attack….

.. Don’t be carried away by some of this praises in the ministry…
Gone are the days when people lock themselves in a room for day and say “sorry, you are not going to see me for some days” , please hear me God is speaking to us, if you don’t practice retreat you will not survive the darkness of today.

No matter who you are retreat!
Retreat is not when you gas out spiritually and you say Kai no grace is working in my life we must find time.
Am busy, am busy is a trap from the devil.
If police arrest you now, you are not too busy to attend to the police,…….
Have you come to a position where the secret place has broken you? , takes you off your pride and everything. We know there is no brokenness by how we speak, “the other day someone just called me I just don’t want to talk too much o but ah at my level now, We now wrap it up with religion all glory to God” is a Lie, all glory to God first come from the heart before the mouth.

Some of us need to find time, just by this message, God is saying I love you but you have worship me cooperately but that fellowship we use to have something is wrong, return to it. Even when you don’t have money for hotel, you where having time for God, now That you can pay for any where and hotel to stay with God you are no longer spending time.

We only run to God when we have troubles…
David a man after, not God’s money, you can be after God’s anointing, you can be after God’s fame, but David a man after God’s heart.
Please I want us to write this if you are writing

It’s good to know the God of Joshua Selman….
But stay until that God becomes your God….
The people told the woman…. the Samaritan woman…
They said ” we believe you now not just because you told us, we have seen Him for ourselves.. “….

You came and introduced us but…aahhh!!!,….
Talking to him, He did give us an encounters….
Over your business…
Over your life….
Over your family…..
So that when you go and look at your CGPA,…
And you look at it, from 4.5…..,,,God forbid….but you dropped to 3.5….
And you see three carryovers…you don’t suddenly say…” Ahh! And God said I would be a leader, God you must come and explain”…

Some prayers are revelations of the doubts you have been nursing for many years…
So what you have feared secretly now comes upon you….
And you say.. ” God! but you told me now,
you told me ehh…
You told me that this brother will marry me….
This one that he has done introduction, what are you saying? “…..

Don’t make noise until you have the burning bush experience…
We brag too much on hearsay…..
I watch preachers talk sometimes and I’m saying…” Be careful o, Jesus is Lord but His lordship is exercised with wisdom and understanding “….
” If you’re not healed in this service except I’m not called.. “. Ehhh!…
At the end of the meeting, only two people are healed…..

I crave for them…
I create the atmosphere for them…
I desire them in my life….
It’s not about reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation….
It’s not about quoting scripture as important as it is….
It’s not a display of Greek and Hebrew word….
Encounters produce convictions….
Conviction produce faith…
Faith moves mountains….
It’s not what you do…
Its a conviction behind what you do…..

Number two…..
The second platform upon which men do business with God is a comprehension or access to the mysteries and the principles of the kingdom…..
Revelation of the mysteries of the kingdom….
An encounter is one…..
You meet a person in an encounter…..
But you must comprehend the principles of the kingdom…..
Is God helping us tonight??….


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