YOU’RE GOD’S CHILD – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman

Do you know what is means to be a child of God?
Being a child of God is the Most superior honor that any man can get on earth.
The second honor you can get is to be the son of a monarch,
The third would will be to be an ambassador or a politician at the highest level.

There are levels of honor the highest is to be the son of God.
The monarch of the universe is my father, let that revelation touch you.
Am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God (3x)…….

So you may come from a background that has no advantage, it is true that your earthly father, mother or siblings might not be able to help you, on whatever it is you are facing, but the consciousness that the monarch of the universe has decided to become my father and I am his child is a revelation that you must have.

It instantly gives you a sense of superiority, not from a negative standpoint, but you move around knowing the earth is your estates.
The awareness that the earth is the lords, that mean in reality there is no disadvantage for you where ever you are located and situated within this territory of this monarch.

Understand this tonight,
There is no body called by God to live a life of failure. Bishop oyedepo said, every calling in christ is a higher calling, no body is called to a life of failure, mediocrity, defeat, no, we are called to a life of excellence,
we are Called to a life of grace,
we are called to a life of influence,
we are called to a life where the bible says, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God would be displayed to principalities and powers.

There is a trophy God is still cleaning…
that trophy is you….
And He is meticulously making the dimensions coordinated.
While that is happening… you may skip meals in the night because there’s no food and an ignorant person would say where is your faith?

While that is happening to you…
storms may seem to rise….
while that is happening to you…
you may not even have money to pay for your auditorium as a man of God..
See…. stop being ashamed of your today..
stop it! …Go through your pain with honor..
did you hear what I’m telling you?
There’s is no challenge you’re going through that is new under the sun…
but when you’re in the company of ignorant people… they will make it look as if the word is not working.

Men are made in the furnace of affliction..
there is the threshing floor of Naboth.
Oil is made by crushing the olives, wine is made by crushing the grapes.
God is making something out of you…
I’ve told you that this version of you is not the version your future is looking for….
this version is the sick version ….
be patient! …This version is the weak version.. be patient! ..This version is the ignorant version.
Be patient! No man is inviting you now as a man of God…
look …don’t kill yourself…

it doesn’t mean you’re not anointed…
because the people to invite the version of you God is producing…they’re not yet within your vicinity.
Stay with God!
Your business is failing and people make it look as if the whole world is on you..
please give yourself rest.. sickness is eating you up and people are asking where is your faith…
see!.. don’t let ignorant people rob you..
see!.. this is a school.

In the circular environment… you pass by how many questions you did not fail..
In life you pass by how many questions you can honorably fail and go through.
When life is giving you a scar..
respect it…it is why a crown would be on your head.
Please I’m encouraging you! Only liars will tell you they were made from birth..
Everybody goes through seasons.
There are certain cups you don’t pray them away…there is no amount of fasting that will take them away..
you are given the Grace to pass through them. Please hear what I’m telling you.

Can I tell you something…
please don’t be ashamed of your scars…
carry the cross with pride to Golgotha knowing that there is a coronation waiting for you.
It is true that Jesus died… but He only died for three days.

Don’t be ashamed of death.
If it means you crying… cry!
Let God be true and every man a liar..
I want to encourage you..
my life is a testimony..
when you pass through with God …the end is glory.
Please don’t be ashamed to cry…..You are God’s Child.


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