What They Didn’t Tell Us !


They said, “go to school, keep late nights, read all you can, graduate with a First Class or a 2:1, do all you can to ‘suffer now’ so you will ‘enjoy later’, once you were done, you will get a good job, and then you begin to cruiseee…”

It sounded nice, and you did obey. You put in all the work, and now you’re done. But hey, it’s not looking like what they told you.
Where’s the ‘cruise’ they said you’ll ‘catch’? Where’s the enjoyment they said you’ll have? Did they lie to you?
I mean, why didn’t they mention the tears? Why didn’t they tell you the part of needing to work even harder? They didn’t even say you might never use that certificate you struggled so hard to get.

Oh, they didn’t tell you about the fact that you might need to learn skills totally unrelated to your course of study. They didn’t mention that you might be quite unsettled because somehow, you feel God is telling you to take up a ministerial job and devote yourself fully to it.

Why didn’t they mention these? And so, everyday, you wake up as though without direction, you’re thinking if all these things will ever add up. You’re asking yourself when exactly you’ll begin to live that life you’ve dreamt of.
I get you, I really do. I just want to let you know your tears are valid, your feelings are valid too. Just never stop going through that path (once you have discovered it’s the path you must take)

Rest in God, seek help from mentors, find friends, find a tribe to help you keep your sanity. Just DON’T STOP!
Cry in God’s arms when you’re pained, tell Him how you feel, and yeah, SING HYMNS (ah! Sing hymns o)
Even today’s pain, no matter how bad will NEVER be able to stop you tomorrow, and I’m here to remind you.

You have an experience you want to share with us? Share with our community here and share unashamedly.

Happy new month, and just to remind you, rapture hasn’t happened yet

Source: Beautiful Yet Godly

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