Question Of The Day: WILL HE STILL LOVE ME ?

Revive Us lord !
Revive Us lord !

I remember the first time we met, I was so sure He loved me. Like you know how it is when you meet someone and you have the conviction they want the best for you. It was that feeling!
I just wanted to be with Him, stay by Him and enjoy the new love I found. It was all new for me because this love was different, one I have never experienced.

It was all good at the beginning, I was faithful to His love, I did everything to reciprocate it but soon I began to lose focus. His love was a protective kind, wanting to know everything at every time. I wanted a little freedom, I wanted to do what I wanted.

Why do I have to do all He says? Like it is my life not His, plus I am in the world, I had too many whys to ask, from then I began to fail him. I wanted freedom so I left, walking into the world seems like fresh air.

Oh freedom is sweet but where is freedom without Jesus? What can the world offer better than He can. I wanted to try anyways but it didn’t end well. I came back with bruises and pain, this world is not a place to be without Jesus! Ah, if only you know this!

I went back anyways begging for His love again. Now the big question, “Will He Still Love Me” After all I did, leaving His love to search after the wind. Will He? I asked a thousand times, sobbing like a little baby who lost her doll, I wanted Him back
Then I heard Him say, “I never stopped loving you” Lord what? You still love me, like you never stopped Who can give such love, an unending and undying love.

One who forgives after all you did, one who will still use you even if you were a worst sinner!
Here is to everyone who felt God hates them for their sins, to everyone who have concluded God will never use them again because of their shortcomings! This is just a reminder that He loves you, just like before and have been waiting for you to return home!

I know you fornicated, you stole, you lied, you failed God but there is a second chance now! Another chance to go back to God and ask for mercy, another chance to be called His beloved.
No matter how filthy your sins are, His blood is available to cleanse you and make you white as snow. God wants to have that relationship with you. He misses you beloved. He misses those times you fellowship with Him, He still loves you!

I know you are wondering if God will ever use you because of the terrible things you did. Here is what He wants you to know! “He will never leave nor forsake you, if you go back to Him with a repentant heart and ask for forgiveness.

He will make you His again and for those mighty things He wants to do, if only you yield unto His voice, He will use you
I know this word is for somebody, He still loves you but are you willing to go back to Him?
You want to talk to Him? Go ahead, tell Him you surrender all….And watch Him Make you the real you.

God Bless You !

©Scripted By The journey of A Christian Lady

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