Many of us love doing ‘MINISTRY’ but we sometimes forget about our personal relationship with God. Don’t chase the CROWD or a PULPIT. SEEK THE KINGDOM OF GOD, SEEK CHRIST. We can’t pour into others when our cup is empty.” – Steve Crown

Fondly known as Steve Crown, Steve Crown Okolo is a Gospel Music Artiste from Anyichikaha Opirikwu in Odiapa ward, Obi LGA, Benue State, Nigeria and was born on the 27th of September to the family of Mr and Mrs Macminas Okolo. He started his personal spiritual journey which he calls the best decision he has ever made, at the young age of 9 when he was led to Jesus Christ by his father in the Anglican Church.

However, his passion for music started much earlier as he joined St John’s Anglican Church choir at the age of 7 and was also part of a children club, ‘Deacon Kids Band’.
In 2015 with the launch of his record label, ‘Lakelight Entertainment’ and the release of his signature song, ‘You Are Great’ he was propelled to the gospel limelight as he reflected on his Facebook page the experience that birthed that song.

In his words, “I’d been in my room since last night and till this moment I thought to share what happened with you.
I kept playing and worshipping with a popular song by Michael W. Smith
‘You Are Holy, Are You Lord God Almighty, Worthy Is The Lamb’ REPEATEDLY
The atmosphere around me had been so thick I could feel it on my skin and I didn’t know when I broke down in tears. It was similar to the encounter I had with God before my music ministry kicked off, when He said to me ‘STEVE!!!… I WANT TO USE YOU FOR MY GLORY’.

That day I ‘unconsciously’ sang a 3-line song alone helplessly and repeatedly throughout the night till the next morning, I will never forget how God’s presence was so much that I cried throughout the night. Quite a deep stuff but I will share it some other time.
And so in the midst of this time worshipping repeatedly between last night and now. I tried to understand why this again! and I could hear a very tender voice saying ‘TESTIMONIES’ repeatedly.

And God said further, ‘I will make them believe again, I will give them more reasons to trust again. I will honour my spoken word to them: they will ask and I will answer.’
There will be so many TESTIMONIES of how people’s heart were rekindled back and yearned more for the things of the Spirit. ‘My children are beginning to doubt my power to HEAL. But I will heal them, heal their hearts and heal their land. I will manifest my Power even more this time…”

He is well known for his healing and inspirational songs in the Body of Christ with God’s power moving mightily and working great healings as evidenced by some of the testimonies he shared on his page:
“I wish to share this testimony with you. My name is Tosin Umoru. Sometime in March 2016, my husband was shot by kidnappers in an attempt to take him away. God delivered him from their plot to kill him but the shot was at a very close range on his feet and it looked it will be amputated. He requested that the song, ‘You are Great’ be played in the hospital room daily and that was what we did every blessed day from morning to night. It was prophetic because not only was his feet healed but new bones came up on a 50-year-old man. The doctors acknowledged the hand of God on him.

Today he is standing, wearing designer shoes and flying all over with his complete legs. May God continue to use you to impact our world. God bless you. I felt you needed to hear this.”
He has been nominated and won several awards including ‘Outstanding Adoration Song 2019’ (You Are Yahweh), ‘Best Gospel Song Africa 2020’ (You Are Yahweh), ‘Best Praise Song Africa 2020’ (Angels Bow) from Maranatha Africa Continental Awards.

He has ministered on several platforms in and out of Nigeria while sharing the stage with foreign gospel music artistes such as Don Moen, Travis Greene and Phil Thompson.
He is also the convener of Nations Will Rise And Sing (NAWIRAS) with an anchor scripture from Psalm chapter 86 verses 9 to 10; the sole aim is to see God’s glory and sovereignty revealed in every nation through worship and praise. Her maiden edition was held in October 2017 across Lagos, Abuja and Accra. The gospel musical concert has expanded to other countries including Cameroon, South Africa, Kenya

As a young person, he is committed to developing talents through his record label, ‘Lakelight Entertainment’ with a mission to mould and nurture raw talents to attain and maintain stardom. The studio which is managed by his brother is located in Abuja and specializes in music recording, mixing, production, radio advertisement and audio recording.
“Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.” – Proverbs 22:29

Sources: Steve Crown Page, Lakelight Entertainment Page, Nations Will Rise And Sing Page, Opera News, Idoma Voice.


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