This is a thought provoking question.
This is a question which requires deep answer.
How a boy metamorphosize into a man is something with voluminous explanation.
A boy is a male figure void of the understanding of the manhood and its dignity.

A boy is not only a toddler and teenager because there are adult boy too.
A boy is a male figure without proper identity and understanding of why he came out of his mother’s womb as a male.

A man is male figure with sense of responsibility and understanding of the dignity of manhood.
A man is not just the opportunist of a woman but a figure to bear the responsibility for a woman.
What differentiate a man from a boy are these twin factor: UNDERSTANDING AND RESPONSIBILITY.

Understanding talks about the clarity of identity and divine expectation.
Responsibility talks about the independent capacity to make right decisions, choices and steps in life.
A boy is interested in toys while a man is interested in tools.
Everything appears as a toy to a boy but a man considers everything as a tool.

When a male figure starts bearing the responsibility of PRIESTHOOD, SHEPHERDING AND FATHERING he will become a man.

Priesthood: Building spiritual capacity and stamina to provide spiritual leadership and covering.

Shepherding : Ability to provide visionary leadership and direction.

Fatherhood : Provision and legacy.
It’s not the growth of your genitals that strengthens your manliness but how much you can think for yourself in order to be correct, current and complete.

A boy thinks about women but a man Wants for himself a woman in his life for effective and productive conjugality.
A boy cries at his mistakes while a man draws strength from his mistakes.

A boy seeks sympathizers while a man seeks mentors and instructors.
A boy thinks momentarily but a man thinks for a generation.

know this that, its only a man that bears the covenant for his generation and family.
Grow and keep growing in understanding of the dignity and divine expectations of manhood

Finally know that, Pride has stopped many from getting married.
Pride has broken many homes.
Pride has denied many from their potential suitors/husbands.
Some insist on knowing the school you attended before accepting to even talk to you – to know if you schooled abroad.

That is old school…it doesn’t count again.
If that is the issue, it means you want to be married to status.
Some can never live under a head
They want to also be the head; they say we are ONE
Anything that has two heads is a MONSTER.

If you don’t believe in having a head, marry yourself!
You don’t need a husband
According to scriptures, the husband is the head of the family
I didn’t write it, it is in your Bible.
Most of the great names today started from points where many now will NEVER agree to start.

James 4:6
God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

God Bless You !

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