Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Look at me my brothers and sisters…..
Hear me…
The blindness that is upon the saints….
we must fight it until it is torn otherwise dominion will remain a theme…
For many years I try to look exactly at what scares Satan because I never saw him afraid of angels…
They fought him…
I didn’t even see him afraid of man…
I didn’t even see him afraid of Jesus….
But here it is….

The effect of spiritual illumination on your eyes and your mind….
There is something you can see that the age long captivity of witchcraft and divination that has tied your families….

You can go for deliverance all your life but if your eyes doesn’t see,…
That there is something about the reality of priesthood that can veto foundations…
This is not some Pentecostal talks…in reality…..
The Bible now says..
‘They overcame him by two mysteries ‘…..

Number one….
” The blood of the lamb”….
The blood of the lamb is the legitimate ground upon which the saints have been grafted into Christ…..
The blood of the lamb becomes the propitiation for our sins….
Are we together now….
And now through the blood, it has been open to the saints the new and living way the Bible teaches….
Are we together now…..
We can now come boldly….
Then the second weapon ….
‘ The word of their testimony ‘…..
The word of their testimony….
The Bible says their testimony are able to make wise unto the simple…
Listen to me my brothers and sisters hear me….

Light is the secret to dominion…..
But not just light carelessly….
The light of the word of God….
articulated with perfect understanding…. communicated to the saints…..
That when you believe it…
Who had believed our report…
The Bible says to such a man has the arm of the Lord be stretched on….
There a dimension of light that governs wealth and prosperity….
There is a dimension of light that governs the influence and access to a generation….

There is a dimension of light that governs longevity….
There is a dimension of light that governs favour….
There’s a dimension of light that governs speed….
We must press by the spirit…..
Listen to me…
We must press in this dark world that continues to become darker….
Do you know the higher you rise…
The more perfect understanding will be required…..

There are certain level of ignorance that will not be tolerated in certain realms….
It is expected that as you attain unto those realms…
You will have illumination sufficient to be predictable in your outcomes….
It is not when you go to a crusade ground that you will be guessing whether the power of God will move or not….
It’s too risky!…..

The people are sick and angry to allow you try…
You can experiment now and keep growing…..
But if at all you cry that God should keep you on a crusade ground….
Then heaven must be able to vet for you…
And say in one hour, you will capsize hell and bring judgement to the camp of the enemies….
Do you understand the secret of the kingdom….?

Have they come upon you?….
Have the veil been taken away from your eyes to see?….
“Open thou my eyes that i may behold wondrous things….”
You can see it my brothers and my sisters…

Are we together now…..
That God will bring us to a point where it will be like Paul and Barnabas where men would say ” this is Zeus and this is Hermes”…..
Operating upon mysteries that are invincible….

They do not fail…
It may take time to see their potentials but their potentials are wondrous…
Right from where you are………
Hear me my brothers and mg sisters….
That in Christ this is the kind of destiny dominion that God has put….
Shake off that limitation of your foundation!!!….
Shake off the limitation of where you came from….

Apostle I cannot speak English so well….
No!…I understand….
But let it come upon you and let your eyes see…
And then you will watch the wonder…
the wonder working power of the ways of God….
The Bible says his ways is hidden in the sea and no man can even see the footprint to copy….
It takes the spirit of God, guiding men into all truth,
but when he shows you…

And your eyes sees it, you have found it…
Life is not haphazard….
The more the light of God is casted upon us,
We begin to see the lines that connects…..
We see what our fathers saw that very few people saw….
And we begin to follow in that part…
One step after another…
It reminds me of the vision I had many year ago….

When the angel of the Lord held my hands…
And the we were moving and there was a small step and I was jumping from building to building…
This is what God can make….
A showmanship!…
A masterpiece of wonder with those who believe…
When God said it’s our year of dominion…
Please find a way of believing it….
That God is not a man that he should lie….
That God is not the son of man that he should repent…..

And that in spite of the fact that there is an adversary………
Find hope….
He was already judged from heaven…
And then the one who judged him from heaven granted an authorization for the saints to continue to keep him at bay and that the secret to an unending dominion with Satan and with the elements is LIGHT ….
The light that shines upon your mind…
Spiritual understanding…. Illumination….

that you will control wealth like god….
You will control resources….
You will control the loyalty of a generation as though you have casted a charm upon them….
It is a mystery….
None of these commodities are affordable in the earth realm….
They are not bought with money….
Education cannot buy them….

Human connections can’t buy them….
It resides in a realm that only your hunger can take you to…….
And when activated, it turns your life into a living wonder……
It may take time….
But my brothers and my sisters hear me….
When you see it, then a generation will see you……

Believers we need to be dynamic….
Religion will cause us to miss our break through. The operation of the Spirit is like the can’t tell where it’s coming from and where it is going and so is one who is led by the Spirit.

There are people who God told to go to Zaria and people think they are stupid and even they feel like they are stupid because they don’t understand why but keep watching God and you will see the glory and the beauty.
Why will God tell you to leave Lagos?
Someone gets up and leaves his oil money in port Harcourt because God says he should go to Zamfara..

Another person can be working where there is an oil well and will still be crying whereas his money is in sokoto as dry and harsh as the weather is..

There are people who can only prosper on Zaria….
Someone will come to Zaria and be wondering, what is in this place?
But the direction for you was Zaria..just like how the lifting of this ministry happened here in Zaria.
I want you to just take out time and pray in the spirit..don’t shout..just be sensitive and you will receive an information.. Not every information is communicated in words..some are impartation.

When you trust God, you commit Him.
God does not give men doors…. He is the door!
Once you are following Him in your sincerity, I tell you the truth even in your error, He will make sure you don’t miss it. He will say “I AM THE DOOR…Pass!”

When you see God do the great things he does through my life and through many great men..
it’s not because we got his instructions 100%… it’s because our hearts are sincere..
So while based on what you saw in a vision that am supposed to die….God shifts the door and says Pass!! Let the enemies keep prophesying themselves into doom..
They were right that i was supposed to die but GOD IS GOD!
They were right….
their predictions were correct….
I shouldn’t have made it but GOD IS GOD!!

Choose whose path to follow…I chose God.
I don’t walk with God in fear..
Since God revealed this to me, I live a very happy life and to hell with Satan….
My heart for God is the chief requirement..and He will take me to the place of destiny…..
My sincerity puts pressure on his reputation….

He changes things for my favour..
That is why when a man gives you prophecy, it’s still not the highest thing…..
you can change it…
He is speaking based on what he saw, but there is something between you and God that can change it…..
So even if the bad report the doctor saw is right, your sincere walk with God can cause it to change in your favour.

Door means access..Don’t let people tell you that you have missed it…You can’t miss God.. He is the door.. Just follow Jim in sincerity…
This is a message for someone..Don’t be afraid..

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