Dr Pastor Paul Enenche
Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

Dr Pastor Paul Enenche on the topic
‘Possessing Your Possession; Accessing Supernatural Success And Distinction’ at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre
Text: Matthew 5:14-16, 1st Peter 2:9, Isaiah 60:1-2, 2:1-2.
(Conference Day 4, Evening Session)

The top most top is the place of Covenant people; the place of our inheritance is in the top of the hill.
God has no place of mediocrity for his people, he has no average level or middle Realm for his people. God has not called us to manage mediocrity.

In many ways, God has a desire of showing the world how to do the things they do from the church. Is it not of interest to you that 8 out of 10 of top universities in the world were Christian founded, some founded originally as Bible schools, some founded to train clergy men. I am talking about Oxford, about the oldest, Cambridge, I am talking about Harvard, Yale. Is it not of interest to you that if the church should withdraw health care today, the system will collapse, that over 30% of health care provision around the world is traceable to catholic church alone, what if you add Anglican hospitals, Methodist Hospitals, Presbyterian Hospitals.

If you remove the church from the world, civilisation disappears.
Is it not of interest to you to know that 99% of inventions in the world came out of the Church, including the mic I am holding came out of the church, out of those who have interest in the church. Is it not of interest to know that the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is the demarcation of history, He is the centre of calendar. Everything that happened before Him is dated BC- before Christ and everything that happened after Him is dated AD- ano domini, in the year of our Lord. So remove Him from the centre, everything scatters.

Please I want us to understand because, like I have been saying in this conference, I believe that the calendar of the world is rounding off and the heavens must hold him until the time of the restoration of all things. Let’s take it from Abraham, everyone that God called in their day were at the peak in their field.
Joseph was the star boy in the realm of strategic management, he was the star in the realm of food management.
Job 1:1-2.

If you go through history you will see others like John D Rockefeller who conquered the world of business. Do you know that Rockefeller’s business was multiplied when they say that he was monopolizing everything. They divided his company to plenty; Chevron, Mobil, he has gone since but they still exist and his people still have the stakes in those companies, top of the field. Then you talk of William Wilberforce in politics, at the age of 27, he was a disciple of John Wesley and he stood in the British parliament to move for the abolition of slave trade. Born again Christian, firebrand. Anybody under the John Wesley was a firebrand.

Then you talk about Isaac Newton, Newton’s laws of motion, laws of universal gravitation. He was a physicist and theologian, one of the most influential scientist of all times, he wrote equally about the Bible and about physics.
Anything that moves today, he wrote founded them, he is the father of mechanics, motion, calculus, differential calculus, that was Newton. Quality solid Christian who discovered gravity and gravitation. He is noted as the father of science. Top of the field. General Douglas MacArthur who compelled Japan to bow in the second world war and administered the occupation of Japan for about ten years.

I am talking about people in various realms, they took their place in the realms for God. James Young Simpson the founder of modern day chloroform. In those days when they want to perform surgery, there was no Anastasia so someone has to old their hands and the person is screaming, imagine the mortality rate. Some will die of surgery pain, until that man came and said that people can be put to sleep without feeling the pain of surgery. You see people have passed through this world. Let us not just sleep and wake up eating eba and amala only.

We can go on and on. And I am mentioning deliberate people in various realms.
I announce to you tonight, in your realm, you shall stand out for God.

Ten Reasons Why It Is Important to stand out and be distinguished

1. God made man in His image and likeness and God dwells in the realm of excellence and distinction. Genesis 1:27, Isaiah 28:29. If you look at creation, you will see the excellence of Jehovah. Your thumb print, no other person in the world has it. Twins, no matter how identical they are, the thumb print is different.
No two zebra has the same pattern. No two leopard have the same spots. That is the creator who created you in such excellence.

The heart is wired to beat without support. Whether you are asleep or not, it doesn’t stop. That is the God who created you to excel, so when you excel, don’t let anybody tell you that you are over doing. Tell them you are just starting.

2. It is part of the Christian’s duty to be excellent and distinguished for our maker. It is a command ‘let your light shine’, It is not an advice. In the same manner you are not supposed to tell lies, you are supposed to excel.
Failing exams over and over is a reproach to your creator.
I will like you to understand that you are duty bound to stand out for God and to be above your contemporaries.

Excellence and distinction brings honour to the creator in the eyes of the world. Matthew 5:16.
When we say praise God, there are various types of praise. When you stand to tell others what God did for you, that is not just an activity, that is praise. There is a praise that is singing. There is a praise that is dancing, sacrifice giving, there is a worship that is your lifestyle. That is you are living such a life that makes people praise God and there is another praise that is excellence.
Let people not insult God because of your mediocrity.

Excellence and distinction makes it justifiable for God to facilitate the elevation of His people. You just make it easy for God to place you where you are supposed to be. You make it easy for your maker to show case you to your world.

Excellence and distinction are evangelistic in impact. There is a message you preach that you did not preach with your mouth, you preached it with your result. Isaiah 60:1-3.
God is saying, I don’t want you to struggle to beg people to come to me, let what I will do in your life and through your life advertise me to them
Your life is a preaching, your testimony is a preaching, your result is a preaching. The house you are living inside is a preaching, the promotion and elevation in your place of work is a preaching.
The Way of Distinction
Of course being born again is a capital requirement.

3. Brutal decision. It is a decision that says, whether the devil likes it or not, I won’t die obscure. Philippians 3:12-13.

4. Aggressive Pursuit. Philippians 3:14.

5. Diligent Labour. Proverbs 22:29. Romans 12:11. In anyway you see result, someone is working.

6. Excellence drive. When you make up your mind to do nothing substandard, to do nothing below your potential. What so ever your hands find to do, do it with all your might. You are not the type of person who says this is good enough. Your good enough becomes best.

7. Continous learning. Proverbs 4:18.

8. Quality Association 1st Corinthians 15:33. The quality of your company reflects the quality of your results dwarf steps.

9. Mentoral Influence. Acts 4:13. Michael Jackson in his days as the king of pop had coach that coached him musically, vocally permanently. Michael Jordan continued to have a coach. Many of us arrived too soon so we have ended too soon. Any body who is too big to learn has become to small to lead. Mentoral influence helps you to reach where you are going very very fast.

10. Spiritual fervency. The fervency of your spirit determines your spiritual buoyancy. 2nd Chronicles 27:6.
Don’t reach any realm where your fasting and prayer reduces, where your upright living reduces. If you want God to take you far, go far with Him.


Supernatural supply which also means divine provision or covenant abundance is a major part of Kingdom inheritance. Revelation 5:10.
To desire supernatural supply is not outside the covenant, it is part of your inheritance.

Please bear this in mind, the Lord owns the earth and all that is in it. Psalm 24:1, Psalm 50:13, Haggai 2:6-9.

The resources of the earth was designed to serve the purpose of the Creator. Zechariah 1:17. Isaiah 45:1.
Mark 14:13-14.

The Lord supernaturally transfers the resources of the wicked to His people where necessary to facilitate His purpose. Exodus 3:31, 11:3, 12:36. Esther 8:15.
The authority that was taken from Haman was handed over to Mordecai. Those who hate you with a passion, the evil they have for you, they shall inherit it and the good they think they have, God shall ttransfer. Why was this transfer possible? Esther 10:3. Anyone who seek Kingdom welfare can never lack wealth. Ecclesiastes 2:26. Proverbs 13:22. Solomon experienced transfer of wealth too much. 1st Kings 10:14-15.

God shows Himself strong on the behalf of those whose heart are perfect towards Him. 2nd Chronicles 16:9. Matthew 6:3. My dear brethren, it there is anytime that Kingdom work should be done more than ever, it is now. Do you know the anti christ is in a hurry to introduce 666. They are in a hurry to manifest their agenda but that is not ‘manifest-able’ while we are here.

What You Need To Do To Access Kingdom Supply

1. Authentic passion. Matthew 6:33.
The strength of you passion for God determines the weight of your portion with God. Your heart for God will determine your path with Him. Don’t waste your life chasing money, waste your life chasing God.

Authentic love for God is where your love for God exceeds your love for things, because God is a jealous God, He won’t want to share your heart with anything. It is an authentic love for God where no amount of financial resources can come between you and your Maker or drop your commitment for God.

God wants to bring you to a place where you look at money and you look away, in our place they say when you look at money and you reject money. God wants to bring you to a point where someone is handing you money and you walk away from it because, maybe you are running for an assignment or running late for something.
I told you someone was trying to drag me to go and look at a property that I thought he was going to give free of charge because from the way he talked, that was how it sounded.
He said: I have a property I will like you to come and look at it.
I said: what is it for?
He said: ‘look at it first’. 7 bedroom duplex, basement have rooms, ‘come and look at it’, and I said ‘I have service now’, healing and deliverance service, can we see the house after the service?
He said, ‘no it has to be done now.’

I said, ‘alright, I can’t do it now, I have to be in church now.’ I went to that service and he never talked about the house anymore and there is no regret and that time, we were living in a rented house, pastoring big church in quote, branches everywhere, we didn’t have a house. We didn’t remember that we needed a house but I couldn’t leave the service to go and look at a house.

Your priority in life determines your prosperity in God.
God’s servant, Bishop Oyedepo said you don’t know my secret until you know my heart beat after God, criticize all you want. If I am going on a program now and the car messes on the road, I can join the next motorcycle on the road, it means nothing to me.

Until your passion is confirmed, your portion is not verified. Many people come to church but not many people have a heart for God. People who clap are plenty. When we talk about heart for God we are talking about the passion for God where there is no amount of money you can’t walk away from if it comes between you and God.

Somebody brought offering one time, the man is still a member of our Church, he brought money that was too big both for him and for the church at that time and I said to him, please can you explain how this money came. The explanation wasn’t clear and I said ‘Okay you can go with it’, and he went with the money and return back later with a clear explanation, I wasn’t able to explain but I said alright, if it is as clear as this, then the money is receivable.

That man, I’m sure realized for the first time in his life that not everybody is looking for money from preaching and pastoring.
Ask God, show me where my heart is, if it is not perfect with you, help me to align.

2. Vision for Kingdom expansion. The size of your vision for Kingdom expansion will determine the size of your provision from the King.

What is in your heart for God will determine what can be put in your hands by God. God is not looking for who to sponsor selfishness. He is not trying to sponsor anybody’s materialistic tendency. Psalm 132:1-5, Luke 5:1-5.
What is your vision for the Kingdom? The first time five hundred thousand entered my hand, a person entered my office and said I have an offering to pay and gave me five hundred thousand. I said ‘five hundred thousand? Okay, go to the cashier office and pay it, is it offering for tithe or for Church?’, and she said no, the one for church, I have already given it, this one is for you. Five hundred thousand, it was so big then.
You know what used to be big then will very soon be nothing.
And I was already calculating it and saying I will pay my tithe and He said, ‘this is not yet your harvest, it is your seed’.

Not long after that, one million came. Again, this is not your harvest, your harvest is still your seed, I said ‘Yes sir’. One of those money was used to produce tracts.
Before this conference is over, I will like you to develop your Kingdom resources expansion vision, ‘if you help me with resources, this is the extent Lord I want to go.’
It doesn’t matter whether you are a pastor, you know some pastors, they are the most stingy person in the congregation. They expect everybody to give and they give nothing. There are most pastors they give offering with empty hand, ‘Now it is time to give offering’ and then they leave their own hands empty and God is watching it. The pastor should take the lead in everything.

I said something sometime ago and some people were a bit agitated, ‘that if anybody else in that church is more interested in the success of the church than yourself as the pastor, then hand over the church to that person’. When it is time for giving, it is the person, when it is time for this, it is the same person, and I am not talking of volume, I am talking about quality of what you do.

3. Directional revelation from the Master. It is key to Kingdom provision. Matthew 17:27. 1st Kings 17:3-4. Your portion is in your revelation, it is not particularly in competition but in your revelation. It is inside what God is showing you.
Directional revelation averts the plague of confusion and misdirection. It averts the misdirection and misapplication of energy, efforts and resources.

Every business man listen to me, the way God speaks to pastors and tells them what He wants them to do with their life and where He wants them to do is the same way God can speak to you about your business, what business you are to do, where you are to do it. And when you are on your spot, you shine. When you are outside your spot, you sink. The eagle must fly in the air, the fish must Manoeuver in the ocean. If a pastor can fast for 3 days to locate direction you can fast for 3 days, 5 days as a business man, an entrepreneur to identify which new direction of investment God is asking, where to put in your resources, where to put in your energy and your effort.

He can give you one vision in the night, one dream, he can direct you to a Scripture and by that direction, you stand out as a star. Don’t follow your friend into his business because it may not be your place. You don’t necessarily follow people into what they say is reigning now, what is booming. The same way that your friend cannot call you into ministry, your friend cannot necessarily call you into a particular business.

And when they say this is the business reigning, you can step in and reign to a particular level but when it comes to the dominion realm where you are effortlessly dealing in massive millions and billions, you can never access it until you are in your spot. You may be in the survival mode, you have a good car, you have a house, you are just surviving.
They say give and it shall be given unto you, yet you are giving in the wrong endeavour, yet you are putting your energy in the place that doesn’t need your energy at all. What is the use of doing more of what you don’t need to do at all?

I prophesy tonight, there is someone here that will locate his/her field, locate his/her realm. If you are a believer shout the loudest Amen.
And don’t let your course of study be a curse on your life. You can study Law and God can direct you into Agriculture. You say what concerns aeroplane with road block. You can study medicine and yet you are directed into spare part dealing. Don’t let your course of study be a curse on your life, without any doubt, what you studied in school is going to become profitable in the long run. As I am now, medicine is very very profitable to me. Directional revelation. John 21:4-6.
God may not ask you to change business, He may ask you to change approach. It may not be a necessary change of location but a repositioning.

He didn’t ask them (Peter) to leave the water, they were still there, He asked them to just change the side of the fishing.
Do you know that there are churches that can be wrongly positioned in the same city. That is, there are in the right city God wants them to be but in the wrong location and you will be shocked that repositioning can change everything.

4. Commitment to Covenant practice. The tithes, offerings, giving to the less privileged, giving to the priestly and prophetic oil, giving to the poor, obligation to your wife, your children, servicing the needs of the hired servant and those who work for you, commitment to Covenant practice.
Connection to the source of resources guarantees the flow of resources. The covenant practice connects you to the source of resources. Proverbs 3:9-10, 11:24-25.
Liberality towards God is key to supernatural financial authority. Genesis 14:18, Hebrews 7:7-8. Philippians 4:16-19. Outside the covenant, there is no covering for human resources. Anybody who does not understand covenant in the year we are about to enter will understand suffering.

Commitment to Kingdom service. Job 36:11. Psalm 35:27. Isaiah 1:19.
Kingdom service attracts Kingdom supply. Engagement with Kingdom work is entitlement to Kingdom wages. If I was not a pastor now, I’ll be in the choir, ushering, prayer band. I’ll be in Evangelism and in one way or the other, directly or indirectly, I have been involved in one or two of those departments growing up as a Christian.
If you are not too big to serve God, you will be too big for the devil to stop you.

Faithfulness of lifestyle. Proverbs 28:20. Daniel 6:4. Faithfulness brings fruitfulness and commitment brings fulfilment. Anywhere you work, be faithful there. Be consistent, be constant. Be known for accuracy.

5. Divine wisdom. Kingdom sense attracts Kingdom means and there is a connection between mentality and prosperity. Ezekiel 28:4-5. 1st Kings 10:22-25. God will never release resources in the direction of foolishness. The prodigal son wasted resources. The absence of wisdom is the inevitability of wastage. God is not wasteful. Increase in wisdom to increase in wealth. There are some of us, we spend too carelessly, we don’t even have a financial structure, we don’t even have a structure that can attract money. For example, if a hundred million should come your way, you don’t know what to do with it, you don’t know how to structure it. A department of wisdom is excellence. Quality brings quantity. To be wise is to rise and to be a fool is to fail. Wisen up to rise up.
You know the generosity of a drunkard is when he sits at a bar. There are people who have that kind of generosity. When money hits their hands, they lose sense. They only regain their sense when the money had ended. Unbudgeted spending, as if the hand is under pressure.
If you find yourself from breakthrough to break down, wisdom is lacking. God wants to bless you with the resources that settles you for the rest of your day. He says ‘I will pour you out, a blessing’, not one, not two, not three, a blessing that you won’t have enough room to contain. Malachi 3:10. That is, I want to take you up and I want you to remain there.
I tell people, what they call contract, don’t depend on it. You have what you are doing with your life that is generating continous streams of income, whether the Government or any organisation ask you to supply something or not, you are producing something, you are producing, creating value that people are begging and paying you for and you are not stranded. Let there be streams flowing your way. Don’t ever allow the devil cause you to be stranded. Don’t hand over your destiny to any single thing like Nigeria handed over their destiny to petroleum, crude oil and now crude crashed and the borrowing began and then crude people are thieving the crude in all manner. Agriculture is gone, solid mineral is gone, everything is gone, Israel is the number one country in Agriculture!
The only person you can hand over your life to like that is God, He is the only person that can’t mismanage you, any other thing is a risk. You are in a school here tonight and this is preparing you for the next year.
Under the next one year, there are people here, you will be a hundred times bigger than what you are now, and there are manufacturers of different products here. God is shifting you to different levels in Jesus Name, Amen.


Ensure that you don’t exist without a Kingdom vision.

Determine to possess resources. Deuteronomy 30:15, 19.

Start from where you are. Don’t wait for billions to begin to fuel Kingdom vision.
In this end time, what God will put in only your hands, if all the rich people will own in your city, in fact in your state, it will not be near what God will put in your hands alone and the reason is, the King’s business demands haste and we are in injury time and the work must be done with speed and done in time.

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