Question Of The Day: “Should A Christian Sister Propose First To A Brother” ?


“Hey bro, I just wanted to say I’ve been observing you for some time, and I can’t deny the fact that I like you. You’re the kind of man I would love to be a Priest over me, you’re the man I’ll love to father my children. What do you say?”
There you go ladies, shots fired! How hard was that? Ermmm, well, very hard. Hard as stone if you ask me.

So I’ve been hearing some teachings going round (even with Bible references) about shooting your shot as a woman. If you like him, Nne, shoot! And I’m Lmao-ing. Let’s be calming down please.
So, first things first. If I like him? Lol. When did it become by liking really? Fam, if it’s by ‘like,’ I’m sure I would’ve been married to a hundred and one young pastors now, and maybe with two omo wobes.

Oh, I didn’t tell you guys of the times I’ve been love sick? Omo. The one I remember so vividly was in my Year 9 (JSS3), I liked one boy like that and in my mind, I saw myself married to him and having children. I didn’t eat for days. Lol. Small mumu that year. So, if it’s like, just strike that out of your mind.

Now that we’ve concluded it’s not by like, I know you want to tell me about Ruth and Esther that shot their shots in the Bible, and they even have books of the Bibles dedicated to them. I know.
But here’s one thing we might not be seeing, and I’ll really love to point out, it is the basis on which these people proceeded with taking their steps.

RUTH and ESTHER shot their shots BASED ON INSTRUCTIONS. Please read that again if you need to.
For Ruth, a woman named Naomi, who was more like a mentor and a mother to her told her what to do. It is imperative to note here that Ruth followed Naomi to serve her and to serve her God. Ruth basically trusted Naomi with her life, and so when Naomi told her to go shoot, she had to. And yeah, she hit her target.

Next case, Esther. Esther had an uncle, his name was Mordecai. She wasn’t forced to participate in the contest, but she obliged her uncle when he gave the offer to her. She went, and God’s favour legit pulled the shots for her, it had to strike!
So sis, who is instructing you to shoot? I hope it’s not just feelings because that one is premium tears. I should state here though, in our time, we have the Spirit of God, and we have spiritual leaders to help us.

And IF at any point you feel led to anyone at all, and he hasn’t even looked in your direction since 600years, there’s a WAY to go about it.
First, Pray. I just hope we’re not going to underrate prayer at any point in our lives though. The power that made the scales fall off the eyes of Paul is still very much available my dears, and it can still work wonders. Hehehe. Pray ladies, pray.

Secondly, you can decide to strike a conversation. He makes a social media post? You can go to his DM to say, “hi, I saw you made a post concerning what do you think about *” the point of this is to strike an intelligent conversation. (Please don’t go and be saying “Hi hi hello hello.” It doesn’t make sense dears. And also, don’t overdo this one too.


One thing I’m sure of, you don’t need a man that cannot hear or be led by God. If God is leading you, rest assured that since the young man is his son, he will lead him too. Besides, you need someone that will be fully responsible for his decisions, don’t you?

Third, well, there is no third point, other than to watch the way the conversation flows, and if it seems you’re forcing your way through, REST!
I can assure you dear sisters of God that if God’s hand is in it, you’ll see how even if the young man hasn’t been paying attention to you before then, his eyes will pop open ALL OF A SUDDEN and he’ll even wonder how he didn’t notice you all the while.

The next expected thing is that he begins the chase, and no, you wouldn’t give him unnecessary attitudes or tough time when you notice. You wouldn’t do like Chidinma and Toyosi. You’re not a baby dear
And until he officially proposes and you accept, you can keep all what the HolySpirit told you to your chest. There’s time to discuss all those ones later.

So guys, there you go. Please, note the conditions I proffered this fam. You can also decide to rest and wait till whenever he receives a conviction about you too. Resting is also a way of shooting you know.
And just to state the point aloud, depending on feelings just to jump on anyone will fail you. If it were for feelings, even God knows I might have been in a relationship with 200 people by now with all those funny love novels I used to read those days
It’s beautiful to be led by the Spirit, and even more beautiful to follow through with wisdom.

May we be led,
May we shoot with wisdom,
May our shots hook our targets forever. Amin.

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© Written by Beautiful_Yet_Godly

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