Benny Hinn
Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny Hinn is an icon and one of my favorite teacher and father. He is more than just a preacher to me, Because i personally so love and respect and honor this man of God so much with all my heart. He is a living system today that represents the HEALING DIMENSION OF GOD upon the face of the Earth as large as it is…

You want to reference the major healing Minister today, its him. Now I know there are other Great and we’ll respected healing Evangelists and ministers too like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, David Kolanda, Bishop David Ibiyeomie, And so many others in Nigeria and the world at Large. But Pastor Benny Hinn is the most referred to,,,,now I’m not trying to praise the man of God, you should know the place we speak from, it’s from a heart of love and honor.

SACRIFICE matters and it’s very important, and can tell how far God can do business with you, so you must be conscious of all these while in your journey with God.
On this teaching today, I pray so much that the holy ghost enlightens you such that you become full of him just like Stephen was when he was been myrtred, because as far as we are in this kingdom, he has been zoned to us for survival and for impact.


We all know pastor Benny Hinn to be a great preacher of the gospel who has had such great encounters and experiences that has cause the church in this day and time to marvel and it has so shaken the foundations of the Earth that made men to begin to ask questions and even governmental heads to begin to speak on his so far a long grace and glory that has been shown and revealed through him by the finger of God.

My key study on this is not really about the man BENNY HINN, but about the entity behind this man.
I heard of his book titled GOOD MORNING HOLY SPIRIT By Pastor Benny Hinn
In this book we saw the dramatic encounters of this man with the holy Spirit and how he carefully explained to us his encounters and such… The reason for encounters is so to have a witness and so that men can believe of the existence of that thing, so that it will not be that it is just spoken of without any tangible reason.

The reason why you believe there is healing in the name of Jesus is because someone was healed close to you and you saw it with your own very eyes and without doubt you believed and when the person came out to testify, it was then evident to the whole congregation of what had happened…same also, if God wants you to believe him, he will lure you by showing you something that will cause you to believe him, then he can act. Now I said this because even as powerful as that book is, it cannot change you,,,as powerful and learned as Benny Hinn is in the holy Spirit, he cannot help or change or heal you,,,even as powerful as Jesus is, he cannot change or heal or deliver you… unless as you believe in him by the power of the holy Spirit.

So the key is BELIEVE, and to believe that he can by the holy Spirit. It will shock you to know that when Jesus was alive there were men who still denounced him and went to hell…many did still not believe, even if they had seen him, they saw his character, they ate with him, stood close to him, heard his glorious voice, talked about him, learned from him, the Bible says we behold his glory…the dove came and rested upon him, many saw yet they still did not believe him. Until the holy Spirit comes you cannot believe on God,,but thank God we are in the erra where the holy Spirit is not a myth.

Just like today, there are many people in Benny Hinn’s meetings who comes sick and diseased and they still go back the same…No believe, No Faith… I tell you there are people who believe on God, but don’t believe yet that they can be healed.
Pastor Benny Hinn in a message of his said this that the absent of the holy Spirit means that you can still not get it…God can be here, but he’s still not real to you, until he becomes real to you, you will still keep seeing your situations around, you will still keep seeing the plague of darkness around you, you will not believe on his power.

This message is for someone saying Lord I need your power to touch me, I need to go deeper in you, this is the key BELIEVE on him, you have prayed, you have been in meetings, but you yourself know that you are yet to really surrender to his lordship. And I so trust the Lord that as you believe while reading this today whatever situation Around you is destroyed now!!!
Healing is my children’s bread the Bible says, therefore RECIEVE your healing NOW!!!

Listen until the holy Spirit was made available like a fire upon the Apostles at the upper room, they went and betrayed Jesus. No holy Spirit in them, so no power to sponsor that believe in them, it’s always there, but the required amount of faith it takes to bring it to pass in their lives is not yet available, so they still doubted, just like someone here today saying Lord how long, how long, see your salvation in front of you believe God…Jesus said Go thy faithfulness has made there hold….Have you seen that? He didn’t need to lay his hands of pray for them, their faith already had made them hold…it means even before the man of God ministers to people just by your small faith, you can draw out your Deliverance, your miracles, your healings even before he reaches you…come on now…I want your FAITH to be fired UP now.

I say to you today ‘Go your faith has made there hold in the name of Jesus!!’
Testimonies everywhere now!!!
I show you the mystery that the woman with the issue of blood understood….her situation made her understood it because she had gone in search for power everywhere, but this person she’s coming to next is different,,,she knows that kaiiiii…if you can’t get it here, then none where again, and she engaged Kingdom principle to get her testimony You can be in your house watching online, and tap into that Anointing and that’s it my dear…that’s it!!! God is a respecter of no man, his words he cannot deny, it will surely come to pass.

Know and believe
Know and believe
I repeat
Know and believe on the holy ghost
Thank you and God bless you!
I remain your Speaker

Please don’t hesitate to share to bless a life
Drop your testimonies in the comment section below
And remain bless

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