POEM: Quiet !!!


I’m not dumb,just quiet
I crave for space and attention of few
Fruits of fortitude I pluck from the tree called SOLITUDE

Refilling my schooner of vim
Words are like bullets once released; can’t be retrieved
So I will rather listen, then talk when need be
Make here less noisy; keep the excess information
I won’t need it, I PROMISE.

I will take the call when opportunity is calling
Thus and so; text and wait for my reply
I have said a thousand words to you
Though my lips may never move
Where? In my HEAD.

I will party,shout and dance when the venue is my HEAD
Conversing with myself thusly my kitty as a witness
Call me a daydreamer, an observer
I’m not dumb, just quiet

© Ezeano Ifunanya Georgia. 2020.

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