How serious do you take your white dresses? I don’t joke with my white dresses!! If I am putting on a white dress, please avoid me. If you dare touch me and I see a stain on my dress then it must end in Gbas gbos!
I walk carefully to avoid touching anyone with stain or letting dust come near me. Sometimes, I will be praying “Lord please don’t put me to shame today ” Who else can relate?

After the whole day, you may get some stains but if you were so careful it may just be sweat or no stain at all. Some of us will feel relief and thank God for a successful day without a stained white dress
Have you ever thought of getting stained with your menstrual flow? Some of us are shouting God forbid already It will be a very embarrassing moment. God will not let it happen to you, calm down fes let’s get the point!

Just as getting your white dress stained seems like an embarrassment and you strive so hard to keep your dress off dirt, this is how embarrassing it is when a child of God defiles his/herself in sexual immorality!

I hear people saying “Body no be firewood” and I couldn’t agree less! “Body no be firewood but the temple of God”. So before you justify why you should explore your sexual urges with that statement let me give you a better justification of why you should control your sexual urges and wait for the right time!

Your body is a vessel, an embodiment of God’s glory. Your body is a temple, where God dwells. Your body is a sacrifice, not the kinds of firewood but of flesh laid down for the service of God and made anew, now led by the Spirit, ignited with fire, carrying the presence of the Holy spirit
Your body is not just a body but a holy place, where manifestations of the Father will be expressed through, salt and light to the world, a kingdom giant, God present in a man.

Do you still want to liken your body to firewood when you carry fire yourself? Are you still carried away by the standard of the world and desiring what they call fun? Or do you realize you are not just a body, so you shouldn’t sing the firewood anthem but the songs of the spirit
Do you know when you were made clean? Just as 2 Corinthians 5:17 reads “Therefore if any person is [ingrafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spiritual condition] has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come”!

You were made clean when Jesus died on the cross, you were made clean when He shed His blood for your sins, you were made clean when He rose from the grave with sufficient GRACE to stay clean no matter the trails and temptations!

Now, He made you an expression of Himself, a temple in which He dwells which is why you must stay clean and remain clean! The will of God for you is to flee fornication and every form of uncleanliness! He wants you to enjoy the beauty of marriage when the bed was undefiled, He wants you to get the reward of standing for PURITY!

Are you ready to carefully preserve His temple, your body? The body He dwells in which is not yours but His! Will you intentionally stand for Purity no matter what happens? Will you stand on your watch refusing to stain your white?

Dear Christian,
This is the big question, will you stand to preserve your white? Will you say No to toxic relationships luring you instead of standing with you? Will you wait until it is right? Will you guard your PURITY as you guard your white dresses?
If you are weak, then rely on God. If you are confused, then ask God for direction. If you need motivation then ask God for the right clique. If you need guidance, then ask God for a mentor who will guide you to stay strong and remain pure.

If you need empowerment, then God’s grace is sufficient I think you are prepared for this sexual purity journey! Can we go together? If it takes 5 years, we will wait. If it will take 8 years, we will wait relying on God’s grace, we will wait!
Be intentional about this journey of purity, will you watch, watch your mind by renewing yourself daily in word study and prayers! Be mindful of your group of friends, be intentional about the songs you listen to and the movies you see!

Before you visit Brother A or Sister B be sure of the environment, don’t go there alone if it is late, please don’t stay inside the room on the bed watching romantic movies, I have said this one plenty times, I no fit shout!
Flee all appearances of evil. Don’t stain your white with patches of masturbation. Depend on God to help you stay PURE and CLEAN from all forms of immortality! Don’t stain your white!

Fam, have you resolved in your heart to stay clean and pure? Free from all stains of sexual immorality? Then say this with a full chest
I stand unapologetic for Purity, I will not Stain my WHITE, I will wait relying on God’s Grace! I will help men stay and remain Pure! I Stand Gallant For Sexual Purity

©Scripted by The journey of A Christian Lady. Blessed? Please share Let it trend.

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