The Gift Of Men
The Gift Of Men

You have been begging them “please Sir, I need influence” But they keep watching you and they deliberately ignore you.
You have been telling them to sow into your life but they keep giving you different kinds of unfulfilled promises.

You see, pity can’t bring men into favour. I think it is time you need to renew your mind from seeking LUCK instead of FAVOUR.
Do you remember Joseph told that guy to remember him? What makes him forget him for 3 good years? Don’t forget he told him to mention his name before Pharaoh?

This tells you that humanity can forget whatever target you set for the sake of favor because it takes God to bring humanity into favor.
Some of us have been seeking shadows and we called it “seeking the gift of men” Some have received different kinds of slap only because you went laying hands on people when access in the realm of the spirit has not been given?

Anytime you don’t know who you are seeking, prepare to seek shadow with number “0” result. The truth is that; access to humanity is not an accident, it is divine.
Guy, every man that came into your life didn’t just come. They came under the divine plan of God because access has been given to them according to seasonal order and release.

Babe, are you really sure you are seeking the right person? You will get there if you can discern the place of God and the place of humanity.
You need to know that the streams of favor flow only from the secret place, jump into that flows now..
“Stir the fire, let it burn”

©Menorah Ezekiel

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