“See, the rate of sexual immorality in my area is now becoming too alarming…”
“How can a Pastor be having a secret affair with his member? Haba… This is very wrong, everybody must know about this”
“How can our Choir Master be watching films like this? Are you not the one who always shake us every Sunday? Everybody must know everything about this!”

“Wonders shall never end? How can a Pastor’s wife be climbing the pulpit with Trouser? Do you want to seduce the members into immorality?”
Our Mummy in Israel, can you calm down for a while? We know you Are more Holy than Joseph Prince. Just try to pay attention.
Sir, What did you gain after gossiping about the sexual scene of our Prayer Leader? I think President Muhammadu Bihari has rewarded you with 1M after revealing this secret.

Bro,Has Jesus appeared to you after sending the naked pictures to the social media? I can see the number of likes on your Facebook page have increased because of that shameless video titled “Pastor having sex with a member inside the church”
Aunty, Have you now received the miracle you wanted from God after criticizing that Brother that approached you on Sunday?

Holy-Holy Uncle, What have you gain after taking her to the Court of Law because of your unforgiven heart? Yet, you are among the Church Elders.
Elders, what have you gained after suspending them? Has That suspension changed them into becoming Angels in your church? Don’t forget you have also made some mistakes that you later asked for forgiveness too.

I know they did what was wrong, but God allowed you to witness those scenes because he wanted you to change them. He wanted you to help them. He wanted you to pray for them. They did it because they needed help and you knew because they needed you.
How many times have you knelt down and say “God, deliver my Pastor…” but instead you know how to take the pulpit and say “How many of you know that some Pastors are useless? Even in our church…”
The same person that raised you?
The same person that prays for you every Night?
The same person that is an example for somebody else?
The same person that shared from your tears in the days of your weakness?

The same person that stood with you before an unbearable attack?
The same person that found time to teach you when you were ignorant?
You know what? “God is watching and Jesus will visit oneday”
God is watching how you are treating the victims that you have vowed to expose.

God is watching how you have been treating the vulnerable people due to their lack of understanding
God is watching how you have been treating the unsaved because of your substance.
The day of the Lord is at the Door and is coming so fast.
Fear and Repent now!
“This is what is killing your fire, repent now and stir the fire, let it burn!”

And this is why i say, Pastors, Head Urshers, Choir Masters And all our serving Ministers in the vineyard of our lord…..Needs help !

A time is coming when you will need help more than anybody asking from you.
Sometimes, you will need help as a man of God because you are sinking, yet men are receiving miracles.
There will be a time you will need help as a Leader. You will be paying all your associates, but the world may be turning upside down for you.

At this point you don’t need to kill yourself with depression and anxiety.
At this point, you may want to stop praying because you’re sinking and you know…
You may decide to turn everything down because what you are seeing looks hopeless…
When this begin to happen, then I welcome you into a new season when you need to stir up your faith and rise above your limitations.

When he was on the cross, why did he “…cry with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Matthew 27:46
This tells you that at a particular point, the journey will be too rough to bear again. You look side by side and everything you build looks like a joke.
It is on this mountain the Giants cried “Help me… Help Lord…”
What they were doing is not only a mere prayer. Though such a confession comes with a great agony and emotionalism. But what they were doing Is a summoning of the Angelic (even if such reality is not real to many).

The same lamentation happened to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and he said “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done”
But “… an angel appeared unto him from heaven, strengthening him.”(Luke 22:43)
I know am communicating to you or somebody closer to you but let those living in Zion know that the burden of our Saviour is light.
Instead of loosing hope in God…
Instead of turning away from his will…
Can you bow down your head now as you pray “HELP ME LORD…”

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”Peter 5:7
Add more cubit of passion ,ask for forgiveness and “stir the fire, let it burn all over you”

©Menorah Ezekiel

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