The CLIQUE That Prays

The CLIQUE That Prays
The CLIQUE That Prays

Sisters, in thy searching for a clique please look for ladies who love God and are willing to serve God with their lives, please look for ladies who prefer prayer to parties, who would rather study God’s word than gossip, who will go for evangelism instead of entertainment shows!

Search for those who will dress to preach Jesus and not to lure others to sin, those who have better things to offer than wigs and clothes, those who are concerned about adding value to themselves than changing their skin color, look for those who are unapologetic about the gospel!

A clique that prays will definitely add value than a clique that gossips! It is time to have friends who will advice you rightly and not lead you in the wrong path, friends that will stir you up when you are discouraged and not ask you to “forget that church thing”!

A clique that will support you in your dreams and visions, build you into a better and stronger person, help you work on your lapses not a clique that will encourage you to remain as you are, not a clique that will discourage you and stop you from fulfilling purpose.

The friends you keep will go a long way to define who you are and what you will become, so as you look for people you will call friends please find kingdom brothers and sisters who understand God’s word, who understand times and seasons, who understand life without Jesus is nothing!

If you have a clique that lacks prayer and word study, you can be the one to ignite the fire and introduce the power of praying friends to them! When y’all stand up to declare something even the kingdom of darkness will tremble, men will see what Jesus is doing in your midst and the name of the Lord will be glorified.

A clique that prays is like no other, we will still slay in beauty and knowledge, we will serve Jesus, we will stand for modesty and decency, we will depend on the Lord to lift us up, we at not selling our bodies because we know we are bought with a price.

This is the clique we belong to, we are still wife materials o, we can cook, we can wash and keep the home clean, forget romance you will know after marriage We are worth more than rubies so you can’t treat us less! That is the clique we belong, we thrive, we rise, we overcome!
Which clique do you belong? Let the world know, we are not relenting on this kingdom matter, On it we Strive

Scripted by©The journey of A Christian Lady.

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