LET ME SHOW YOU A SECRET – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

The key to being a real blessing is to be very anointed..Pay attention to what am telling you..
Jesus himself was so anointed to a greater measure and he on the strength of that quality of the anointing went about doing good.

You cannot do good just out of compassion..the problems that befall men cannot be solved by just sympathy. There are challenges in the lives of people that requires you to move farther than comfort.

You can truely be a blessing when you pay the price for the anointing.
Young and old listen to me am speaking to you..
Every man of God I know today doing mighty things for God who is being thanked and honoured by nations, they are only thanking the anointing.
The price to have brought something forth is painful..it’s not a gift.It is a school in the spirit..

And the semester system does not work like school here….. One course can take two days to finish, another course can take four years to finish..
You can be moving forward in the spirit and then just stay in a particular class for two years you have not moved..It is not backsliding..It is the course content..It is bulky…
You must be articulately trained.
You can choose to think it’s too long and then graduate yourself..the door is always open.. This lecturer(God ) does not close the door….

It is your passion that closes the door.
In this school it is the students that close the door.. you can choose to walk out and say Lord it’s too hard and am tired…..
The Anointing is the secret to transgenerational relevance. You are truly a blessing when you pay the price for your generation.

Let me give you one secret and then we will pray..
The official way to know God is in the midst of pain and challenges..Write it down.. I know you won’t agree but pray in the Spirit as you write it down..

It is in our weakness that he shows us mercy. You don’t need mercy until your weakness is revealed. Remember I told you how to meet God :’ ABOVE THE MERCY SEAT.. THERE YOU WILL FIND HIM…’
situations in your life must hit you and bring you to a point where you acknowledge that you are weak.. That’s the only condition for the mercy of God to work for you.

You will never encounter God if you don’t encounter his mercy.. The mercy of God never comes to people who are sufficient in themselves..So God will allow orchestrations around your life to beat down your pride until you come to a point where you say.. ‘Lord, am anointed but this one is beyond my power’… And God says you have invited my mercy..

The first time he appeared to Jacob, Jacob was not ready so God allowed him to go to the house of Laban.. He suffered and cried and asked questions.. By the time God appeared to him again, he was broken enough to have that encounter..

Don’t waste your pain.. It is an opportunity to know God. Don’t waste your disappointments. The way to the throne is the cross. You will never arrive the throne jumping the cross..
There are times only your tears will speak to God.. Jesus passed through it. As am talking am explaining what is happening to some of you..

People told you that you have backslidded but no… God is luring you.. He wants to introduce his mercy but his mercy will never come to people who are sufficient in themselves..
It is in your weakness his grace and mercies are revealed.

God bless you

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