Evangelist Prince Ekeke
Evangelist Prince Ekeke

That God moved in a program you ministered yesterday doesn’t mean he will move today….
That you raise the dead yesterday doesn’t mean it will happen today….
That you pulled men out of their chairs to the ground to pray doesn’t mean it will happen today….

Hey Sir… need to grow!!!!
Have you ever prayed for someone and the person still remained Sick?
Have you ever prayed for your own issues and you still remained bound?
Have you ever been invited to minister because you thought it will be as at other times and get nothing happened… People still went home dry…
Have you held a dead baby before and you prayed all through and nothing happened!!!


Hey MA, Your good and nice voice won’t drive out demons, it’s Power.
Your pancakes and foundations can’t stop demons from chasing you…. It’s Power.
Your nice clothes won’t stop the devil from affecting your academics and family…. It’s Power.

The real slay queens are those that slay in the Spirit….. Are you one?
You don’t want to Grow because you haven’t been stranded!!!
Have you come to a point that people respect you so much and call you to pray and nothing happened….. Ah!!!!
You are called Pastor, Prayo but your neighbor will still pass your room and house to an Herbalist for Solutions.

Wait you think appearing on Handbills is making impact?
Demons don’t fear Handbills, they fear Power!!!
You think your deep voice will make demons to run… Ah!!!! No sir… It’s Powerr!!!! There is More!!!!
Thank you sir for making people shout RHEMA RHEMA, FIRE ON SIR, FIRE ON SIR doesn’t mean anything if you don’t build capacity in the Spirit!!!
Sir it’s more than speaking in tongues o ah!!!

Peter spoke in tongues only in the Upper room and he came down and manifested what I call TONGUES BEYOND THE UPPER ROOM!!!
We are not to rejoice over people falling down, we are to tell them to rise up and stand for God!!!

Oh God Upgrade Me beyond this level!!!
Oh God am stranded help me!!!
Oh God take me Higher In you.
Oh God make me to build capacity in the Spirit.
Oh God lock me in the prayer room and throw the keys away.
Oh God break my heart and bend my knees.

Source: Evangelist Prince Ekeke

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