Lawrence Oyor And Darasimi Oyor
Lawrence Oyor And Darasimi Oyor

Before you get bothered about the whole marriage issue and let the pressure from your family or the society push you into marrying any man you find on the street, I want to remind you of God’s mandate for believers even as married couples.

It is a concern that young ladies who should be finding purpose have gone into a deep search for a husband, going from one boyfriend to another looking for who the right one is and in this process breaking their hearts thereby living them depressed and tired
You begin to hear them say “All men are the same” “Men are scum” at age 20, you already had multiple boyfriends in your search for a husband! Who sent you? You need to find purpose before you find a husband, if you are yet to find the reason God created you, I need you to be calming down with this marriage issue mbok!

If we forget the reason for our living, we will go ahead chasing after the wind and yet we will yield no fruits. As a young lady, you need to firstly find the reason God created you before you decide to get married. God is in best position to help you with the search for a husband and wherever you are make a date for you both!

Severally, I have been asked the question “How do I find purpose” and here is my answer. Firstly, you need to find God, have a working relationship with God and then He will lead you to purpose, step by step He will show you how to go about fulfilling the purpose you were created for!

Also, God has made a man for you, not everyone is created for the other which is why Adam called Eve the bone of his bone and the flesh of his flesh! She was the one made for him. Sis, you were not made for every brother, not matter how spiritual he is, you were made for one man!
Sis, you can’t decide to manage an unbeliever because you are in a hurry to find a husband, you cannot settle for an outsider because you are under pressure, there is a mandate for you which must be backed by KINGDOM MARRIAGES!

I saw the video of Lawrence and Darasimi’s new song and all I could see was the right combo mixed with the flavor of PURPOSE, the mandate for all believers which is to “Go into the world and preach the gospel using all means possible!
We will not all be in pulpits but in the places God has made for us, our homes inclusive, raising offsprings that will stand for Jesus even in the next generation! Fam, we must not negotiate kingdom marriages, we must marry our kind.

We will not rest until we are able to see men burn for Jesus, I will not rest until I spread the truth across the world and definitely Kingdom marriages will set our generation ablaze if only we can align.

If One Chase A Thousand, Two Will Chase Ten Thousands, Our Mandate Will Not Be Shut By Marriages But Will Be Ignited Because We Are Marrying From Our Kingdom
We Must Be Many, We Will Set Our Generation Ablaze With The Union Called Marriage! E Get Why

©Scripted By The Journey of A Christian Lady.

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