Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

I told God, Lord anything I cannot give you, may it never come to me in this life and am saying it right now.
If the Lord asks me to stop ministry now, I stand by the God of heaven, I know they are recording this, I will never carry a mic again till Jesus comes….

I love Him more than ministry..
I love Him more than titles..
Don’t allow men clap you out of the will of God..You must sustain the grace and the hunger…Please hear me!
Fame can be deceptive..
Oh God this great man is still your boy …Still your boy…
I Am somebody’s father but am still your boy
I Am somebody’s mentor but am still your boy
I am somebody’s hero but am still your boy.

The day you graduate yourself from the school of the Spirit and pride gives you an award for completion, that day you begin to die immediately no matter who you are..
The day your kneels becomes too far from the ground, that is the day your crown will fall from your head..I tell you this…..

This is the mystery behind the destruction of the great. This is why people start well and don’t finish well..
It’s not just sin or fornication that destroys people, it is the rebellion of rejecting the secret place..
They clap you out of his presence and you cannot die to it….

Please listen to what am telling you…
This is a place of encounter…
Do to me what you want..
This is a place of surrender…
Do to me what you want.
This is a place where my life is changed
Do to me what you want

We must pray the prayer of the psalmist and say Lord search my heart, lord vet me, am not ashamed of what you will find, if you find lust am not ashamed, I won’t say am a big man, kill it before a generation kills me for it. If you find pride am not ashamed to stand before you..
I know am a great musician, I know am a great man, I have come to you may your unseen eye vet my heart.

Until our only gaze is you spirit keep brooding over us, until we look more like you.
There is a place our heart yeaning for lord there is a place we are longing for, it is a place where deep calls to the deep.
Take us lord to the secret place.
This is what we desire lord.

You have to agree with me that what some of you need now is not impartation, not special session with lines of pastors, what some of you need now is to stay with God, stay there until he makes you filled with his glory and when you are tasted, then you can carry a mantle for a generation…stop all these moving about and really catch hold of God, he said ‘seek me and you will find me, when you seek me with the whole of your heart’. You see….some of us are not there yet, we seek God because of what he can give us, because of the things we’ll get in return…..

Because some of you think been here and talking is sweet, the road to success is not a kind that some of us like,Because it will cause you,,,and even when you are there, the ability and the strength to maintain stature and relevance, that road is often slippery, that’s why Many die before their time.
Let me show you how to maintain stature in this kingdom… SEARCH ME, TRY ME, AND SEE IF THERE BE A WICKED WAY FOUND IN ME, I’m on my knees unashamedly, yes sir, yes sir,, before the crowds,,the secret is and will ever be ‘you’.

You see that, because many of us don’t know ‘it is in your weakness that you are made strong in him’,. You can’t invent your own strength, you will die, and a generation will kill you, you must be there, stay until like David even when your enemies rises against you, no place is left open, you are shielded on every side.
FAME can be dangerous,,,I say it again
FAME can be dangerous!!
It’s beyond standing before crowds, you must sustain the grace to stand.
The great falls, because they lack strength and stamina.

See Bah, No body have an advantage by default, you make your advantage
Listen am not exciting you.
This is how men rise in this kingdom.
You carry one of Nathaniel Bassey shofa sounding session and play it and dance like a mad man for 3 hours after that you water it down with tongues for another 3 hours, go to bed and watch men in Lagos who will lose sleep.

…… I had the privilege to visit daddy G.O’s room and while I was there, I was given an opportunity alone to lay down there,
I said lord whatever you did to this man, he has a covenant of answered prayer.
All this praying for one years for one small thing lord let us tap into that grace that shift nation on a day.
Your children must know you as a man of prayer, it has nothing to do with I am busy.

One night let them all be sleeping while you pray, “honey where are you going to?” no it priesthood sleep, I paid your dowry sleep.
Shalikatozabrata (speaking on tongues ) this are the kind of men we are rising, not just people with money that sits down and allow noo

You open the room of your children you lay hands, they want to wake up you say no no sleep sleep let me see the devil that will come to the spiritual circumference of my home.
You hear a sound and you asked your wife to go and check, check what? Shalakatasko

Your child, you pay School fees of 1 million, your child returns back with an evil report,…. evil report
Flogging that child is not the way out, carry that child to the secret place, zikascooba embrisikoskeba nooo the memory of the just is blessed, where did this nonsense come from?
Listen let me tell you what will happen, one day your son will follow you while you are praying, you will tell him go and sleep he will tell you no.

Then one day you will travel and your son would wake up at that time and be playing around (your secret place) you are already mentoring the priesthood dimension of your children.
Listen I tell you sincerely, if we let anything happen to our prayer life we will lose a generation.
Even if you are feeling sleepy, sleep in the place of prayer.


1) God gave you his ability for you to take responsibility

2) Hard times in life are processes we must go through and grow through to experience a breakthrough

3) Men live by common sense, they run by principles and fly by instructions.

4) You step into greatness when you use instructions.

5) Common sense is the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way.

6) Principle is a moral rule or believe that helps you know what’s right and wrong and influences your action.

7) A basic truth or theory,is an idea that forms the basis of something.

8) A law is a factor of nature that explains how something works or why something happens.
He knows how will get a job, he knows why he will be the boss.

9) A principle is a comprehensive law or fundamental doctrine and not assumption.

10) Instructions only come from a superior personality, generally from God and they are timely.

11) Each time an instruction is given to you and you fail to apply it, it’s to your detriment.

12) If you want to fly be determined to start receiving God’s word as an instruction.

13) Instructions never comes too early or too late.

14) The word of God is like a seed and every seed needs to die before it germinates.

15) Every seed is as important as the rain and every rain as important as the seed.

16) Man was created with the word of God not by the word of God. So, we can’t exist outside it.

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God Bless You ….

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