Question Of The Day: How Do You Cope With The Opposite Sex As A Single Individual ?

How Do You Cope With The Opposite Sex As A Single Individual ?
How Do You Cope With The Opposite Sex As A Single Individual ?

Apostle Joshua Selman Speaks:

I think the issues of Lady and sisters and so on is not limited to whether you are married or not. It can only be minimized when you are married…

So, I think the key is values and principles. The key is to be able to put on values and principles, because I would submit to you that there are many people who may have problems with sisters. The ladies do not intentionally come to cause trouble they are just being ladies.

And ladies would generally want a shoulder to depend on, with all due respect to all the ladies following and the ladies around…

There are few ladies that will actually get up intentionally to say I want to destroy, there are people like that but I think what has happened is that the devil had taken advantage of the venerability and the compatability of both the leader and the people involve…..

Values like visitations, counselling….should be done appropriately, You don’t just tell a lady you are not married to, “come to my house come and help me cook rice, cook beans”. Your downfall may not be seen but you are near Sodom.

The bible say… when Lot left Abraham, he didn’t go into Sodom, he stayed near Sodom. By the time Angels would come to rescue Lot, he was in the middle of Sodom.

So sometimes it is important to just have standards and values. I believe when you have value and you are strict on it,it might be difficult to fall…. Many people may misunderstand you but eventually it would pay off….

Coping with the opposite sex is more dangerous today because of the presence of social media. There are all kind of platform that create connection and all of that. And the devil is really out to see how he can discredit ministers and see how he can bring people down through these avenues.

So I think the key is to set very Spiritual values. For instance, You can have a standard like you will not counsel a single sister alone,or at night or spend lengthy hours with them alone, These are very good principals.

Share to enlighten someone today……God bless you

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