Pastor Femi lazarus and spouse
Pastor Femi Lazarus And To – Be Spouse oluwanifemi

Sister, that brother calls you more often than he calls his parents and siblings, but you said it doesn’t mean anything and that he is just being nice. That kind of niceness is deep such that he skipped his quiet time in the morning to have an hour of personal time with you on the phone.

He sends you airtime while he borrows airtime from his service provider to call you if you got what he sent. He could do anything to please you but you feel he has no motive for these.
He takes you out for shopping and to the cinema, and sends gifts to you on different occasions all in a bid to win your heart but you think he is running a charity organization.

If you think he is running a charity organization, I hope you both know that you are not less privileged.
He introduced you to his mother on one of their family functions and his mum called you “omo mi (my daughter)”. You think the old woman was saying that due to cultural attraction but she knows what she said from the signals she got that you failed to be sensitive to.

His friends call you “our sister”. They take you as their own but you concluded that everyone around him are just being nice.
You took his phone and saw yourself as the wallpaper but said, “That’s so kind of you. Let me give you better pictures”. He has over one hundred pictures of you, but only two of his mum’s. You concluded that all these don’t matter and he is just a friend with a different mindset.

You are correct. There is a different mindset he has that you are about to know.
He floods his social media timelines and statuses with your pictures when it’s not your birthday. He meant the smileys he uses but you think, “What are friends for?” You had a relationship talk with him and you asked him when he is likely to get engaged. His reply was, “Soon”. He told you he wants a lady like you and you responded with a carefree heart in all sincerity, “May God grant your heart desire”. He took it as a confirmation and believed the prayer has been answered as he took a step of faith.

Suddenly, the anticipated day came when he invited you to the restaurant. You appeared alluring as usual but you wondered why he chose that restaurant of such status in town. You cat walked slowly towards him. He couldn’t withhold his gaze and could neither wait to declare his manifesto. He stood up to give you an ovation until you sat.

Everything was still appearing dramatic to you as you wondered which role you are playing in the scene. You were amazed that the scene is a table for two and not the usual restaurant you visit with him. His outfit appeals to you more this time because he was well packaged than usual as you wondered why he was appearing in such manner just to have lunch with you.

His motive for having lunch with you is to launch into a relationship with you but you were not sensitive. The lunch began as you started eating the fried rice and chicken while he was looking closely at you. You had taken over ten spoonfuls while he was yet to take one as he dropped the fork in the plate and looked at you the more.
You asked him why he wasn’t eating, but he said he felt full immediately he saw you. You didn’t know that it was his love for you that made him full and out of the multitudes of his belly, his mouth will speak.

Then he called your name in a solemn manner, looked into your eyes and told you he loves you. You were filled with awe and you responded, “Hope you haven’t taken it too far. We both love each other as friends”. He told you not just as friends but as spouses in the long run. You felt he just cracked your nuts; you never saw it coming, a bit worried and disappointed. You couldn’t finish your favorite meal again and you told him you have to go, promising to see him later.

Sister, his approach may be wrong but he has an intention and you were playing along. You aren’t the only female friend he has that should deserve all those attention if he didn’t have an intention.

Congrats to my boss and sister, Pastor Femi Lazarus and our to be sister,oluwanifemi

Pastor Femi Lazarus and our to be sister
Pastor Femi Lazarus and our to be sister,oluwanifemi



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