(𝗧𝗿𝘂𝗲 𝗟𝗶𝗳𝗲 𝗦𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘆) MY WAITING PROCESS – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

When I started out in ministry or before I started out in ministry I usually wondered why pastors will cry
during a pastor conference. I didn’t know why until I started ministry then.
I learnt that the pastors were crying because of what they were passing through.

Many years ago, the first crusade we went for about twenty of us or so, we Didn’t have money
to lodge or do anything. We were on our way going to the crusade and the crusade was supposed to start as about 6 and about some minutes close to 3, we were still on our way going.
On the road the car stopped and refused to start and there is was no money to take another car again, we know if faith did not bring that car back to life, we were finished.

We were laterally laying hand on the car to come back to life, because there was no other way we could pay for anything.
Did you know one of my dear friend had to carry his guitar and started playing it at the front of the car, then we started prophesying and praying in tongues.
Sincerely speaking that was how the car came back to life, and we went back to the crusade ground.

As we we got to the crusade ground, We had no money to buy firewood, our ladies had to climb the tree to cut firewood and rush back to prepare our meal before coming to the crusade ground.
But those days are over now, thank God they came.

I have prayed for dead people in my life and they didn’t come back to life.
All the miracles you hear today did not started today. I will never forget one time they call me to pray for a dead body.
And they say the body had died for days, I went as a zealous person stood there and in the mortuary I saw several dead body.

I was told which one to pray for. And when I stood there and started praying. I remembered men like Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa and say this men really had faith.
The dead body I was praying for, I didn’t know what part of it to touch because is like a stone.
But that was PROCESS, I stood there I pray, I quoted scripture, I Prophesy, I use Ezekiel 37, dry bones shall live again.

The body did not even shift not to talk of coming back to life.
After a while I told them please open this door for me I want to go out.
Now listen to me today, if you bring a dead body am no longer concerned about my reputation, because I was trained, my ego was torn to nothing and nothing again, until there is no more.

So now God can flow through that dead vessels, why because the awareness that my reputation is at stake died since, you need process.

I Read Kenneth E Hagin books, those days and I got up to the bank no money, and at that time I have an account with first bank. Then one bank cannot transfer from one to another.
I went and joined a long clue by faith expecting miracle alert to find its way into my account, and I stood there for hours because they were paying lecturers then.

When It was my turn they use to be a machine that will ask cashier number one or cashier number two.
And when it got to my turn, I went. They ask me, sorry sir are you expecting some money and I say of course what will I be doing in the bank if am not expecting money.
And they apologise to me, that the money has not arrived. That was how I turn back disappointed but didn’t know that, it was my exam am passing.

Today, I can speak to you and in the evening you can see favour that you never saw because there was a track record.
The Price for the throne is the cross and the receipt that you get from the cross is what will be used for you to qualify to sit on the throne.

Apostle Joshua selman and friends
Apostle Joshua selman and friends

When we finished the crusade it was time for us to go back, but there was no money to pay, and I told them by faith to drive back to kaduna state, before you get there someone will be waiting for you with the money. It was by faith and the drivers were not born again oh, if you came from the North you will understood what am saying.
You don’t say such, there is no brotherhood anywhere if the money is not there, you are in trouble and I told them just go and they went and left me alone.

And I say lord either you call me or you didn’t call me, but my faith must walk today. Faith work under pressure, when you have a plan B, faith will not work.
One time I was diagnosed of a terrible fungal infection that almost ate my head completely.

Hair was never supposed to grow on my hair as you see today. The infection literally ate my hair. I was a young Boy then in secondary school and because of my situation the student complained that I was irritating them.

They Stopped me from going to the dinner hall, they banned me completely so everytime others where going to go and eat they will keep me back and I will have to go and beg someone.
I will have to beg them not to forget to get food for me, and I don’t know it was a PROCESS.
Hear me behind every glory there is a story. It was that experience that started bringing me to knowing the holy spirit because I didn’t have a friend and nobody wanted to be my friend because nobody wants trouble on his head.

Then I said, since men rejected me, Spirit of the living God will you also reject me. Then the spirit of God started leading me to pray and today my intimacy with the Holy Spirit has bring alot of blessing to many Nations.
No matter how early I came for the assembly I have a place at the back.
My mother came to visits me one day and then she began to cry. She said God what did I do that my son has this condition.

Then I remember my mother will use Iron sponge on my head to scrub my head.
They took me to a lab to check my head and took the sample then created some drug and some lotion for me.
The student ran away from me. I will never forget the night when there was no water and I will have to put my head in the rain outside so that it will soak my hair and put the particular soap on it.

But I stand on the God Of heaven to tell you the truth, the day the lord will heal me we went for wedding and I forgot my soap. I knew I was in for trouble and I slept that night.
And that night I begin to have a very strange encounter and I woke up,by morning, over 70% of the wound has disappeared supernatural.

Our first crusade the whole people there were not more than 50 persons, after labouring and fasting dry with all kinds of fast. You prepare and you stand there and all the village people who were all sick and when I mention, it is time to pray for the sick.
They came out and you know old people if they are not healed they will say they are not heal, and I say God you have to show up here otherwise,we don’t know what they will do with us then I began to see the miracles of God.

I did not start ministry preaching I use to play keyboard for a ministry that usually preach in the prison which Formal President Olusegun Obansajo was then, I played the keyboard for the ministry.
Nobody, ever told me thank you, the only thing they gave me was a bottle of Fanta and a cassette, at that time.

One time sir I was invited for a meeting and I fasted three days for that meeting, the meeting was not far from where I leaved and it was raining heavily and no car, no nothing and I say lord if am to be wet for souls to be saved am going, and I enter the rain, like that without even an umbrella and I was praying in tongues.
The rain was a heavy rain and I say lord this is for your glory and not for fame.

While I was in the rain, Heaven was watching, its like an exam and when I get to the church where am to minister, there was no sit prepared for me.
They told me that I should wait somewhere under the zinc. Then they have to shift some few people for me to sit because I was Soaked.
Then they acted drama, poem and alot, then later they told me that time has gone, that I only have ten minutes then I said no problem.

This was a test of love, can you still love under pressure.
I finished in 10minute then I came out, I remembered trying to look for a bike because I was wet then the man shocked my hand and told me God bless me, then I said ok.
He was thinking am expecting something.

I didn’t even know they usually bless people after preaching because the passion is from the depth of my heart.
There was a time in my life I will eat from a woman and tell her don’t put meat on it if you add meat you pay for the meat yourself.
I will buy bread and ginger and also was having encounter, but nobody to honour that grace and I knew it was only a matter of time.

Apostle Joshua selman and friends
Apostle Joshua selman and friends

Now listen..
Don’t sit down and waste your time hating God for nothing.. favour is very very real..
All blessings come from God through me and you..when the book is opened in heaven by the Spirit, the bride also opens the book on earth and
the Spirit and the bride tells the Word to come..

Listen, it is not difficult when the book is opened. Ahaserus said, what should be done to the man the lord chooses to honour…It is a choice ..God can choose to honour you..
There is nothing that can be done when God’s jealousy is invested upon you..

Listen to me believers…
in Christ we are people who are beloved.. this means God has made himself vulnerable to you..
He said….”I have loved thee with an everlasting love and I have drawn you with my loving kindness….”
I have seen these books opened even for me..
I have sat down quietly and God brings the names of people to my mind and I suddenly remember something they have done for me and I feel indebted to them.. I suddenly have had a burden come upon me to help certain people I remembered.. and some testifed it was an answered prayer..

Listen to me..
Don’t go around harrassing people to help you..it’s not the way to go about it.. Everything works in the realm of the spirit.. stay and pray and declare and sing..and declare the heavens break the seals for you..When the book is opened, suddenly someone will call you who has forgotten you before..

Don’t be ashamed of your service.. it is a memorial before God.
There are things that can happen between you and God on account of your service..That when evil tend to raise against your life or your family, you can stand up with a counter petition and say LORD REMEMBER…REMEMBER..
I am sharing with you my secret..
You will come and testify

God Bless You !

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