Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo

We cried out for mercy, God has heard us.

The points of agitation will receive divine attention and there shall be no more blood shed.

There shall be no war in this country.

Jesus will reign in this country in the name of Jesus Christ.

Anything about God, endeavour to give it the fervency required…who are you deceiving? Be fervent in spirit, He doesn’t answer every prayer.
“I’ve been pouring my soul unto God”: He doesn’t answer grammar.
Please engage. Engage as someone who knows they are talking to someone; you are not following a human instruction.

Jesus, speak to me this morning, I want to hear from you. Turn me on again by your Word (Luke 21:38).
For all the souls God has brought into the Kingdom through our endeavours in this season, it is important to give thanks…

If you don’t thank Him for one, you will never see two. You don’t thank Him for two, you’ll never smell four. You don’t thank Him for four, you’ll never see ten. Whatever we don’t thank God for reduces. Whatever we thank God for multiplies.
Therefore in the name of Jesus, every soul that has been brought into the Kingdom in this prophetic season shall abide for life…

There is a unique Word from the Lord for each of us this morning and may this Word keep fueling your life from one realm of glory to another.
Being on God’s side makes a believer an unbeatable Winner in the race of life; for we know ALL things work together for those who love God and that’s what will be happening in your life (Romans 8:28).

All things from henceforth shall keep working together for your good.

You won’t have to struggle the way you used to anymore!

You won’t have to be pushing with your head anymore!

The hand of God will make all the difference in your life!
Being on God’s side makes a believer an unbeatable Winner (1 Corinthians 9:24-27).

We saw Paul, an all-round Winner (Acts 14:11, Acts 19:15, 2 Timothy 4:8). He fought a good fight, finished his work, he kept the faith; what a Winner he was.
Paul’s testimony, very simple: who shall separate us from the love of Christ (Romans 8:35-37).
No one can claim to be on God’s side without loving what God loves the most. We’ve said that repeatedly. God’s greatest love on the earth is the salvation and preservation of souls. He came to seek and save that which is lost.

He sent His only Son on one mission – to save His people from their sins (John 3:16, Matthew 1:21). We cannot claim to love Jesus without loving what He loves the most. Passion for salvation and preservation of souls is the capital proof of our love for God that makes all things to keep happening together for our good all through life (John 21:15-17).

A proof of being on God’s side amongst others is delightsome and prompt obedience. We found that in Abraham:
“Get thee out of thy country”; so Abraham departed: prompt, stress free, shame free (Genesis 12:1).
Where are you going? He would tell me as I go: prompt, delightsome.
“Take your only son, offer him as a burnt sacrifice”; he rose up early in the morning. He told those folks, “wait on here, me and the lad will go and we will come back to you” (Genesis 22)
He returned with a sworn blessing (Genesis 22:16). Prompt and delightsome obedience.

Blessed is the man that feareth God and delighteth greatly in his commandments (Psalm 112:1-3). You can pick that from Abraham (Genesis 22:16-18). He got the vision in the night, he rose up early in the morning; NOT let’s watch over it. He came under a sworn blessing.

Many people here will come under a sworn blessing before this season is over!

When God swears a blessing, you have entered into your rest and you’ve ceased from your labour.

When God swears a blessing on your life, your struggle is over!
When God swears, no devil can overturn it (Isaiah 14:24).

Everyone here should long and crave to come under a sworn blessing. It will terminate all our struggles.

It will bring us to the realm of impeccable rest!

You will be at peace with heaven, you’ll be at peace with yourself, coming under a sworn blessing.
Please understand most believers are victims of willful disobedience: it’s not that they don’t know what to do but they won’t do it.
Unfortunately, many are also victims of belated obedience; “Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near” (Isaiah 55:6).

There is a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.
You don’t determine planting season, you plug into it.
You don’t determine rainy season; do you? You plug into the demands of rainy season if you are a farmer.
You don’t determine your exam timetable as a student; do you? Do you walk into the exam hall anytime you feel like?

Exam started at 10, then you just came in at 12;
“Yes, I’m here, I registered for this course.”
Response: You are de-registered. You come next year. Look at his nose.
You don’t determine your examination timetable sir.
We are in a planting season as a Church, please be awake. Don’t pull your shoulders. You can’t be the student and still be the examiner: No!
You can’t determine planting season: you either plug into it or you miss it.
Many believers are victims of belated obedience. They are asleep during planting season, they are snoring during harvest season because there is nothing to harvest anyway. You miss the planting season, you’ve lost the harvest.

No one here will lose the harvest season of their life. May you be awake to your planting season.
Somebody with the cancer of the mouth was praying and going out (documented testimony). Now, your mouth is free, cancer free, lump free, pain free: you won’t pray, you won’t fast, you won’t speak to anybody.
“I know God will do it”: He will do what? God only responds to our obedience not our disobedience.

Somebody’s story is changing!
Say with me: ”No student determines his exam timetable and no farmer determines the planting season of a crop. Smart farmers only plug into the planting season; wise students plug into the exam timetable set by the Examiners. Help me Jesus not to miss my planting season in life so I don’t start begging during the harvest season. Thank You Jesus.”
Remember, there is this story…that went to bed and the beloved came and knock (Song of Solomon 5:2-7). After all the ceremony, she opened the door, the beloved is gone. Read that story, it’s very pathetic. She cried out, “where is my beloved?” The watchmen caught her, smote her, removed her veil from her. It can be devastating to miss your time.
Jesus keeps knocking on the door of our hearts, “open to me, I brought you a blessing. This is what to do at this time. Open to me.”
Response: you see…just set me free first and watch how I will do it.
He (Jesus) says, “you won’t do it, there is no way I can set you free. Your freedom is in doing what I asked you to do.”

Somebody’s story is changing this morning.
I got this message from the Lord for you and for all that are connected to this service wherever you are in the world: STOP JOKING WITH GOD! God is not a joker, He means what He says and He says what He means. Stop joking with God.
God has nothing to lose with your disobedience; He has nothing to lose with my disobedience: I have everything to lose with my disobedience.
Some are willfully disobedient, others are belated in their obedience: the same calamities, troubles, challenges. Let’s come awake.
We heard the story of Reuben in Genesis chapter 49 verses 3 and 4a
…thou shall not excel because you are unstable as water: to go, not to go; to move, not to move. You will be at the same spot.
“What is 10 souls? For what, am I a pastor? You see these are the excesses that I don’t like.”
You don’t need to like it: prophetic instructions don’t require your comments. You take it or leave it. It’s there.

“Go to Jordan, dip yourself 7 times.”
“If there is anything in Jordan, when I dip once it should show. If it doesn’t show, my friend, you think I’m a fool. I’m a General, General leper.”
Is the prophet leprous? No. He is telling you how to be free from your leprosy. He said, “you’ll do it 7 times.”
“How can we go round Jericho every day, won’t they shoot us from the top. I’m not a dummy, I can’t do that. We’ll go only once, we’ll go in the night quietly. We are soldiers, we are not robots.”

God: go a day once round the wall; on the 7th day, seven times so that those who don’t know you are there will know you are there and will be able to shoot you from the top.
As they did, the walls of Jericho SANK. It didn’t fall, it will still be a wall.
Every man went straight before him.

Sir, your mountains will sink.

You will get on the highway of life in the name of Jesus through raw, prompt and delightsome obedience.
You are not negotiating instructions. Instructions are not meant to be convenient, they are meant to be followed.
“Take FAST HOLD OF INSTRUCTIONS… (Proverbs 4:13).
The quality of our lives is our response to instructions.
Some are waiting for all things to be equal. You’ll wait until you waste every precious moment of one’ life.
When God speaks, He makes all things equal supernaturally (Isaiah 46:9-10).
When I say “Go Forward”…just go forward. Leave the rest to Me
When God says, “Go”, He has concluded the end. He has concluded the outcome because I’ve never any prophetic word so clear as this year.
By the grace of God, we are hitting 9,000 (new churches) next Sunday in our church planting endeavour.
I’ve been in this Ministry; I was here at the beginning. I’ve never seen the raw hand of God like this. Never!

That implies that all of God’s intention and agenda for you and me for the year is settled in Heaven.

You’ve seen one aspect; it secures the other aspects. The other aspects are real and that’s why your ‘Breaking Limits’ testimony is genuine and will come to pass like a dream of the night.
All professors said, “we cannot do anything, you cannot survive this. Go and organize how to die” (documented testimony). Tell anybody whatever you want to tell them, write whatever you want to write, your case is closed. She said, “I went to God” because she has been involved in the planting season, she is entitled to harvest season.
She went to God and the harvest angels came. You know the angels are the reapers. They help to bring home our rewards. They came and operated on her, took a lump from the mouth and that was the end of cancer:

In the same way, your reward will arrive on your laps like a dream of the night.
Lord, deliver me from the plague of belated obedience. I must not suffer the assault of belated obedience in my life. Help me Jesus to be free from the plague of belated obedience, this is very important.
His Word is settled in Heaven forever. Therefore, let’s receive grace to be instant in our response to every instruction from Heaven.
“Be instant in season and out of season” (2 Timothy 4:2)
The king of the philistines said to them, “quit ye like men and fight, otherwise you will become slaves of Israelites.” They went and fought like men and smote Israel and prevailed against them (1 Samuel 4:9).
It’s time to quit like men and stop dragging like pregnant women.
It’s time to quit like men and stop building excuses.

1 Corinthians 16:9,13
“For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.
Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”
Verse 13 talks about what to do, to realise it. You can’t enter those gates without being smart enough in our response to God’s instruction.
Great door, effectual door but watch ye, stand fast in the faith: believe what God says to do, commit yourself to doing it, quit you like men, be strong and then you enter fully into it.
Man is a product of one day: God made man on the 6th day. So it can’t take Him one month to fix him, to restore his dignity, to decorate him.
The few weeks remaining is your opportunity to maximise the planting season so as to enhance our harvest season. So as to multiply our harvest. It’s time to plug into it.

Prompt and delightsome obedience is gateway to accessing the realm of sworn blessing. Let me cite some instances that may help to boost your faith:
The Mandate came, delivered on the 2nd of May (1981). Burning like fire in my bones, I called for a meeting and shared the vision: a meeting with my friends on the 6th of May. Right there on the spot. That was complete change of direction. That was not where I was going but that what God’s agenda.

By 29th of May (1981), we began the first meeting on the platform of the Mandate that came on the 2nd (of May).
People are just too slow for God. let’s get smart!! It’s the way it works all the time. You strike when your iron is hot as a blacksmith. The moment the iron gets cold and the redness is off, you can’t give it a shape anymore. It has to go back to fire before that can happen.
Marc 22nd to 24th (1984): God delivered the mystery of Church growth. Same week, raw obedience, we printed, ‘come and see’ fliers. That’s what He told me. We drew the diagram, map of how to locate the Church; we went to town, to distribute it. Amazing returns by prompt obedience.

We are still doing ‘come and see’
What is this one? (lifts up flier for 25th October 2020’s service) Showers of blessings. Come and see what God has done with some people here, He wants to do the same thing with you.
It came March 24, 1984 and we are still doing ‘come and see’ till forever because that’s what He told me.
We are still fasting and praying because that’s how to destroy the gates of hell.
We are still going out, telling people, “Jesus loves you”; that’s what He said to me…..

Prompt and raw obedience is gateway to coming under a sworn blessing. Somebody’s story is changing. If that is you, let me hear your loudest Amen.
July 19, 1989: The Lord said, “arise, get down to Lagos, raise me a people.” It was so irresistible. I dispatched a staff from Kaduna that same day, came by night bus, “you must get to Lagos and start sourcing for where these facilities are and go to ‘Agege’: no guesswork.”
That Mandate came July 19, it was not part of the Agenda at all. It was out of order. We had a quit notice in our Church facility in Kaduna so where are you running to? But that was God’s commandment.

Don’t wait for all things to be equal, you’ll lose in the battles of life, you’ll lose gallantly. We came in here, September having secured all the facilities and Jesus opened the place: Last Sunday of September 1989 and see where we are today.
I was on my way from Zaria going to Kaduna, then the Word came from the Lord: “the harvest of Africa is now overripe, rush in and preserve it from decadence.”

May 4: the next Breakthrough night, we dedicated the map of Africa. Dedicated Africa to Jesus, sprinkled the Blood on it and said, “Africa lift up your head.” Africa can never recover from it. The presence of this Mandate has changed the face of many things across the nations.
By 14th of June, we had opened an office, ‘Africa Gospel Invasion Project Office’. The Mandate came 4th of May, dedicated 6th of May and then office set up for it.

You better quit like men and fight. Your father Abraham was not a slow-motion man. He was quick, delightsome in his raw obedience. That’s the way to get it.
Why am I saying all these? It’s time to take serious this prophetic season so that your ‘Breaking Limit’ package will not be lost. It’s so vital to be awake. It is God’s agenda for the hour.
One of the most unequal things in this world is the acquisition of our first aircraft: not in the budget, not in a discussion, not in vision, not in imagination – “IT’S TIME TO GET THE AIRCRAFT”
What? What kind? ‘You don’t know nothing’
How much? Don’t have an idea.
How do you run it? No knowledge.
It’s time to get the aircraft; announced as raw as that. Only once, no reminder. The plane landed not that the plane was in process, 6 months after: unbelievable and we’ve been flying to show that it is God since that year 1996 till date. People don’t fly that long sir. Without any pinch, without any feeling.

Respond: be prompt, be delightsome.
What if it didn’t happen? I didn’t tell myself, I heard from God.
How much do you have? I don’t know
How much are they selling it? I don’t know
Which kind are you looking for? You are asking a wrong person, I don’t know any kind.
We moved from there, on and on until we bought a brand new one. How many people are flying brand new (aircraft) in the world?

God has something in store for you.
Don’t look at me: it’s Papa driving us. I’m not driving you, I’m showing you what has been driving me all my life.
God came and said, “He will dedicate the Tabernacle 18th of September 1999.” He will DEDICATE!
I said: God, you can do anything, so September 18 1999, the Tabernacle shall be dedicated. That’s what He said. Did He do it or not? Respond.
If we went and started planning, “see before we announce, to avoid any public embarrassment, let’s check the details.”
No details: everything God says is the DETAIL!

It’s your turn!
That’s how this Ministry came by ohhh: Instant, Prompt, Delightsome Obedience.
Do you know the following day after God declared it on the 17th of September 1998, we came here and started drawing the ropes. They said, “the roof is not ready”
I said: You don’t start building from the roof. You start building from the ground. Let’s start from the ground, before we get to the top, the roof will be ready.
No budget, no nothing. Everything was unequal but God said it, so He equalizes everything.
Can I tell you this: your raw obedience to this prophetic season will change your story forever if you desire a dramatic change of story, this is your grand opportunity.

“Lord, why is fund not coming for this Church planting that we embarked in 1987?”
He said: Give me that car!
He pointed, you know God has a finger. He pointed to the car through my window, “give me that car.” My spirit man rejoiced, God is not looking for a car, He is too big to occupy a car. No car in the world can occupy God, His throne is in Heaven.
He wanted to do something in my life and He didn’t tell me what it was. With joy, the car went away and the Lord said to me same day, “my son David even if you don’t want to be rich, it’s too late.”

Somebody’s prompt response which is not late yet (because some people came in the 3rd hour, some in the 6th hour, some in the 9th hour, some in the 11th hour); plug in, it’s not late.

You are going to do somethings before this season is over that will make God swear a blessing on your life.
I’m ready to move; I’m ready to quit like men and fight; I must not miss my portion in this prophetic season. I mustn’t miss my planting season. I don’t want to beg during harvest season.
Lift up your two hands and pray: pray for fire in your spirit, pray for fire in your soul.

Lord, I want to experience your sworn blessing on my life. I desire an experience with your sworn blessing in the course of this prophetic season. Jesus, I desire an encounter with your sworn blessing in the course of this prophetic season that will bring an end to every struggle of my life.
Indecision is an oppression of the devil that blocks the way forward for any believer.
I once told you a humorous story of a friend of mine; he came and said, “The Lord called him 25 years ago but he had just retired and he wants to answer the call.”
I said: God has called somebody else. If you also called somebody 25 years ago for an assignment and he doesn’t answer you, won’t you call somebody else? Go and find something else to do.
There is no doubt as to whether God called him or not but there was no response.

No one here will end his life in regret: “I wish I had!”

You don’t have a spare, make the most of this one.
Lord, before this season is over, my minimum 10 established souls, help me to see it come to pass. Help me Jesus to see my minimum 10 souls established in the Kingdom and in this Church.
Pray that prayer from the depth of your heart, no assumption.
Minimum 10 standing souls for Jesus. Tomorrow, Sunday, give me a harvest of souls, minimum one into your presence for a change of story.
We have all these currency-like tracts that you can just spend in purchasing souls for Christ. Can I hear your Amen!

If somebody looks like he needs more than one, look for how many he needs (and give him)
Some have gone so far from God, they need some…kind of treatment and get excited as you are doing it. He is an awesome God, I just love Jesus.

From now, your life takes a new turn.
…you need to know that you can’t determine the seasons of life: you just plug into it.
These seasons are reversible. I can’t be 20 years anymore no matter the prayer of faith and confession of faith and as an Apostle of faith. It won’t work. If I say, “I’m 20” and they put machine on me, it will read my actual age.
You can’t be 50 twice. There are equipment to measure you.
“Teach me to number my days that I may apply my heart unto wisdom” (Psalm 90:12).

You will end your journey here in a most colourful manner.

Just plug into every season as they come one after another.
3 months too long: to have done nothing, or not done enough in the last 2 months. You can cover up by doing extra job on the prayer altar and in your passionate pursuit after souls.
Let me conclude by saying, “when we proclaim a blessing, God checks His Word to see whether the person we are praying for is entitled to it or not.”
“Oh Lord, open the heavens and pour out your showers of financial blessings”
God: Is he a tither? No! Is he a Kingdom promoter? No!
You know why He does that? He is no respecter of persons and the scriptures cannot be broken.
But somebody serving God genuinely, sincerely…
“Oh Lord, heal this man”
God: Is he an ambassador of Christ? Yes, HEALED. Amen.
He (God) checks. He said, “proclaim the blessing and I will confirm” (Numbers 6:27) we can only proclaim, it’s God who confirms.

May each one’s head qualify for confirmation of the blessings that will be coming tomorrow. You can set a stage for it today by spending time in prayers, then reaching out to the lost, bringing back the people that you’ve ministered to before. Jesus is Lord.
Go in peace.

The day is declared a bumper harvest day.

Everything that pertains to you is speaking life.

All things will keep working together for good to you from henceforth.

No more regrets.

No more ‘mis-investment’ of time.

No more ‘mis-investment’ of energy.

No more ‘mis-investment’ of resources.

Testimonies only. Testimonies ever.
Release the breath of the Holy Ghost over these fliers and tracts:
Holy Spirit, breathe upon these fliers and tracts; turn them into effective sickles of harvest to the glory and praise of your name, in the name of Jesus Christ.
Everyone that holds this tract/flier, the fire on them will keep burning.
Everyone that will receive them today, the fire on these fliers will keep burning to their point of convictions.
Tomorrow’s service shall be a bumper harvest service to the glory and praise of our God.
We’re working out to see the adjusted curfew time, how it goes today. Messages will go round today, to our Lagos residents on what other arrangements we are making for those who may not be able to get here after the curfew time is over. Jesus is Lord.
The good news is:

Peace has returned back to our streets because we cried out for mercy, God has heard us.

Unrest will not go back there in the name of Jesus.

The points of agitation will receive divine attention and there shall be no more bloodletting.

There shall be no war in this country.

Nigeria shall not be torn apart.

Jesus will reign in this country in the name of Jesus Christ.
Lift up your two hands and give Him thanks. Thank You Jesus for showing me the light this morning.

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