We have checked the flyers and we saw the preachers but we didn’t see you.
We’ve searched the pulpits and we saw stage lights but we didn’t see your light.
O God, where are you?

I know you are seeing our quest for popularity
I know you are hearing our gossips about men of God
I know you see clearly the pretense
Daddy, you are still silent, why?
You know how much we have lied against you..
Saying “God said..” “Jesus is here”.. ” An angel just passed”
Whereas you didn’t do any of those. . you were just silent at a corner, weeping ! .. Kai

We should see you in men.
Some that are meant to carry you, are now carrying several ladies.
Some that are meant to lift the banner of Jesus, are political thugs, lifting the banners of politicians who will in turn give them 2-5 thousands
That’s what matters to them.
This is a matter of Eternity!
Daddy, men are now seen and not you.

You showed Elijah, earthquake, wind and fire but you were not there.. You were in a still voice.
He could find you.. We will find you!
After accepting Christ, what next?
So, the more the preacher shouts, the more firefull he is.. Ehn?
Daddy, where are you!
And so I’ve decided that I will chase you.

In my time, you won’t sought for a man and not find.
I don’t know how many are willing, but we are coming.
We must have you!
Can we pray ?

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