FOLLOW ME AND I WILL MAKE YOU – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Isiah 60:1 Says
It Was Not A Suggestion
Arise It Says, Shine For Your Light Is Come And The Glory Of The Lord Is Risen Upon You

Amplified Says: Arise From Depression And That Circumstances Has Kept You
rise To A New Light
Because Your Light Is Come
The Glory Of God Is Revealed As A Confirmation That His Pattern Is Honored!

God Is A God Of Patterns
That Means When You Work With God You Are Not At Liberty To Invent Your Strategy

The Bible Says In Jeremiah Chapter 6:16
That You Stand in The Way And You Search For The Ancient Path, When You Find It, Go For It!
And You Will Find Rest For
Creativity Is Not Required When You Are Working With God

There’s A Predefined methodology, The Kingdom Of God Operate On Exact Systems
God Is A God Of Patterns And Systems !
Cain And Abel Offered Sacrifices
Cain Offered To God But It Did Not Touch The Heart Of God.

Abel Offered His Sacrifice
Cain Was Angry And God Said :
If You Had Followed Patterns It Would Have Been Received
That Means There Are Patterns
God Loves Everybody
But He Will Not Reveal Himself To Everybody!

You Can Be A Child Of God But Cannot Be Able To Hold Certain Superority Of Dimensions
Not Everything In This Kingdom A Gift
Some Are Rewards
You Have To Earn It
If All Is A Gift
What Then Is The Reward Of Obedience?

Happy Sunday…..God bless you

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