Young Ministers, Let’s Serve First !!!


For a long time I’ve deliberately not written a long post like this, By the the grace of God, I’ve learnt a lot in this period of time and this seriously pressing on me.

Young ministers, hear this…
Everyone cannot be Reinhard Bonnke
Everyone cannot be W F Kumuyi
Everyone cannot be Bishop Oyedepo
Everyone cannot be E A Adeboye
Everyone cannot be Rev. Uma Ukpai
Not everyone will be Paul Enenche
Not everyone will be David Ibiyomie
Not everyone will have a global ministry

Some will be the Abioye to Support Oyedepo in ministry
Some will be the Abiye to support Ibiyomie in ministry
So many will the Daminabo and other overseers to Support Kumuyi in deeper life.

So many will be Leaders and overseers to support Adeboye in RCCG
That doesn’t make them not to fulfill their ministry and destiny on earth
That doesn’t make them failure in life, that doesn’t mean they were not successful

Kai….So many will also be the Oyedepo to submit under Adeboye
Can we ever realize that these fathers compliment each other in ministry?
Do we ever get to know that our fathers spend time in their secret places praying for each other?
Take a look at them all, is there anyone who is in the shadow of any in ministry??

No wait, why all the competition everywhere??
Why the show off, every young minister now wants to open a movement, whatsapp groups are on a high mileage everyday,
You see young ministers talking each others down, How did we get here??

So many of us including this preacher are now uploading screenshots of testimonies everywhere of a slightest headache and malaria just to show off to the other young ministers that God is working with you, Where did all this competitions come from?? Why all the internal war, you get angry that God is using that minister drastically but you’re no we’re to be found, have you ever paid the sacrifices they are paying?

Haba.. What is your motive Sir?? Encounters you’re boasting with is actually someone’s lifestyle and heritage in the village, Ah… You want to open movements all over and you’d be looking for people to drag and follow you, even the church you’re attending, you now say they are old fashioned and not in the move of God…

Ahh Sir?? you’re now too big to be responsible for control
Wait Sir, have God given you approval, wait ooo, can you ever stand in the presence of God and tell Him he has given you go ahead compete with the people He genuinely called into the ministry?

Supporting other Ministers doesn’t show weakness, Elisha served Elijah before his dead bones began to raise the dead, Joshua must serve Moses before he can be full of wisdom, the seventy elders served Moses oo, they were not even talking about age here oo

We now have general overseers in the sitting room, incomplete buildings all in the name of I have a ministry, on facebook, on whatsapp without God been a sponsor, Everywhere now is Apostles, Evangelist of liquor and thunder, Hmm, can you tell that to Jesus if he stands in front of you??

Are we not running through the path of Gehazi??
Are we not running through the path of Corah??
Are we not adding to the problem of the gospel??
What message do you have if pride is not inheritance
How do you cast out demons when you’ve not been able to cast out the envy and jealousy in your life

The Sky is too large for two aeroplanes to collide
If God is using you to wrought signs and wonders, has He not also called another??
Why the strife against the anointed? Why the high service everytime.

It’s better we understand the seasons and times like the children of Issachar
Can we give our selves time and visit the Wilderness
When you begin to carry this cross in navigation, the flesh will die

This same flesh that’s pushing you into competition and showing off with the wrongest motive is what will finish you on time, If it happens too fast watch it, it won’t go far
Can we Nail this flesh once again on the cross, let’s go to the cross
O Lord dig up the Wells of Hunger in me
O Lord bend my knees and chisel my heart
O Lord lock me inside the prayer room until I seek You senselessly

© Chukwuka Oshionya

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