7 Ways To Escape The Snares Of Demons


Demons are divided into 3 group each in different hierarchy. Eph 6:12 make us understand that we have:
.Rulers of darkness

And there are 4 principalities
Under every demon in the hierarchy called principalities there are demons that work under them called powers and so on but this teaching is focused on just principalities and powers.

The most effective of the four principalities is Abaddon and it most faithful servant Asmodin.
Their greatest tools is pornography or blue film
Am saddled with the responsibility to tell you how dangerous pornography is and also tell you how to overcome these demonic spirits.

1. It’s very possessive pls avoid it as much as you can once you watch it once or twice you are already addicted to it. it’s almost impossible to stop once it start

2. It gives you into marriage because every porn is supervised by demons that’s why we hear of spirit husband and wife

3. It’s the root cause of masturbation ,every masturbatory act is an intercourse with a demon

Girls that masturbation are likely to have fibroid that’s why we have many virgin prostitute because they’ve had intercourse with demon

4. It can affect your ability to control sexual appetite that’s why you hear of a man having sex with goat, a girl having sex with dog, 50yrs old man having sex with a 6yrs old child, gay and lesbianism most people that are doing such things are possessed because when a person is possessed he or she act the pleasure of the demon that has Possessed them.

All this thing are sponsored by the same demons of pornography
When a girl begins to expose her body too much it’s a sign that such a person encountered the spirit of pornography because naturally females know that their body attracts male so they are ashamed to expose it.

I was told as a child that porn pictures or videos are for adults only.

Please that’s a lie from hell it’s not Good for anybody
Some people will read this message and be Angry it’s not their fault its a demon that’s doing it
But in Jesus there’s hope… there is hope of redemption

In the scripture, every time Christ is approached by Satan, he responds in defense with the declarations and commands of God. You should do the same. As a believer, you should know the promises, declarations and protections afforded to you as a believer by memory.

Cast down every thought and imagination that comes against these promises and restate the promises aloud until peace returns.

1. By the Blood of the Lamb, I am redeemed from the hand of the enemy.

2. By the Blood of the Lamb, I am justified, sanctified and made righteous as if I had never sinned before.

3. By the Blood of the Lamb, the Holy Spirit cleanses me continually.

4. By the Blood of the Lamb, my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

5. By the Blood of the Lamb, my name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

6. By the Blood of the Lamb, I am a son of God.

7. It is written. I will defeat the enemy By the Blood of the Lamb and the POWER of my testimony.

God is helping us….amen

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