Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman

Some people who come for counseling, immediately they come in, they would start saying ‘Apostle this room is nice, you have wine’ and all of that, l am afraid that you will never be my friend, l don’t trust you in anyway whatsoever.

Peter was like that, he said Jesus you will not wash my feet in John 13:8. When people are not emotionally stable, they should have no access to your secret place. You can’t call those people destiny associations.

Destiny associations are the people you talk to and they build you. Someone you can tell ‘ I found out that l started having lust for women’ and the person says ‘l have been sensing this lust in the atmosphere, let us pray, don’t worry, remember the Word God gave you, l believe in you’.

Your pain becomes their pain. They cry your cry even when it doesn’t concern them. They go all out of their way, they love you genuinely, when all men leave you they will be there. Some of them didn’t go to school but when all the nice people leave you, you will see them there.

They are the friends that stay close.
God is speaking to some of you, you are at the point in your life where the people who love you are the ones that have stabbed you and you are wounded and the person you thought nothing good will come out from is the only person you are meeting now and he says well if you can believe me l can help you.

When you find the gift of genuine men, don’t be embarrassed to keep that relationship, if it makes you a fool, to keep it, do it genuinely.
I have a neighbor that has this friend, l have seen all kinds of people come to her, there are friends that only come when she brings clothes from Lagos. There are people you see in church when they buy new equipments, you see them for one month, instrumentalist, they like new things.

There was a time my neighbor went through a very tragic event in her life, in the miracle testimony she shared about a very serious fibroid situation. She brought a jerrycan of water, l prayed for it and told her to keep taking it and the fibroid kept cutting supernaturally. I saw people who used to come to her, they ran away from her. Men, brothers, church people they ran away from her.

Genuine people are scarce, it is easy to attract fans when you have something to offer, but how many people can embrace you when they see your scars. These are the genuine people that deserve to be your destiny associations.

It has nothing to do with age, you will be amazed when certain people you call childish, when you see the level of stability and maturity in their lives. Some of you, when something happens, your parents come to discuss it with you, they open up very deep issues with you because they have discerned your ability to be trusted.

How can there be so many people and very few people are trustworthy ? We need to be humble before God, many of us are born again but not genuinely.
That pureness, that state of oneness when you are sincerely genuine, no strings attached.

There are many of us that when people want to do crafty things, you are the first person they call. You must stop if you are like that.
If you are friends with a smoker for a few months, you will hate the atmosphere. Then later on, you won’t smoke, but you wont mind the atmosphere you help him to pass lighter, you are participating. Lot settled near Sodom.

Psalm 1:1-3
When you participate in advancing evil, there is judgement on you too.
One lady came to me one time and she was lambasting a particular man of God, apparently, she thought l would join her, l said stop that, don’t you ever do that, not in my presence. l don’t care what the man did, l may not be justifying what he did but be careful. Some of you, the reason why people keep coming to you to create those wrong atmospheres is because you have not stood on your feet to rebuke evil.

James 4:7
Some of us here, as gentle as you are, you don’t tolerate nonsense. Yet Your atmosphere is an atmosphere of gossips and blunders. I am challenging you to change your atmosphere by changing your associations.

God bless you

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  1. I love every bit of your teaching, I am so interested in listening to you. Iam in a realm of God because of your teaching


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