Mr and Mrs Oyedepo
Mr and Mrs Oyedepo

Before you start making a long list of your Mr Right, tall and fair, handsome and romantic, not too spiritual, not too carnal.

A mixture of Lawrence Oyor and Burna Boy, rich but not arrogant, not poor either and the list goes on!

Mr and Mrs Mike Bamiloye
Mr and Mrs Mike Bamiloye

Do you really know what you want? What makes you think you can find everything on your Mr Right list in a man! Not too spiritual, not too carnal! Ire o

Is Lawrence Oyor Mr Right? Is Pastor Femi Lazarus Mr Right? It seems that some ladies who saw visions about Lawrence Oyor are seeing now seeing vision for Pastor Femi! But why So if a man of God is handsome and fireful, he is now the man made for you?

Apostle  Joshua Selman and fiance
Apostle Joshua Selman and fiance

You don’t know what you want!
You don’t have to go about looking for men of God, born again brothers in the church seeing visions on their head up and down when God said nothing to you! Stop disgracing yourself trying to show them green light! Nobody will notice you

Darasimi Mike Bamiloye and Lawrence Oyor
Darasimi Mike Bamiloye and Lawrence Oyor

Some of us sisters, will go ahead to become spiritual daughters when we know all we want is to make them to marry us, now using the benefit of your relationship with them to send messages like “Papa there is no other one like you, I will remain your spiritual daughter forever”
This is becoming funny, I am serious here! The fact someone is handsome and fireful does not make him your Mr Right and to my brothers, the fact she is serious with God, beautiful and walking in purpose does not make her your Mrs Right!

There is what we call the bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh! The one God has made for you
You may marry a particular fireful brother and he may not know how to handle your emotions, he may not know your onions then what happens after marriage?

You think its prayer everyday what about fun time, what if he hates to go out, what if his opinions about things differ from yours! No one is perfect but at least there will be a compatibility among you both
Eve was made from one of Adam’s ribs, so as a woman you are the missing rib of your husband, made to complete him!

If he is Mr Right, there will be a compatibility, you will be there to complete him! If you are attracted to a man, you cannot complete, go back on your knees!
No doubts we will all wait for God’s will to give us one of His sons but while waiting don’t conclude over one because he has some attributes of the man you have drawn in your head, closing your heart to others!

Open your heart and receive God’s blessings!!
Do you now know who Mr Right is? He is the one God has made for you! Yes, he is fireful and handsome as you have been praying, maybe romantic and rich, not a mixture of spiritual and non spiritual but a man made for God.

You are the bone of his bone , the one made for him! He sees the beauty you are and appreciates the gift of God in your life, he calls you blessed, he is not careful to give all for you! This is the man made for you, he may not be rich, he may not be romantic, he will learn.

He may not be tall but he will help you go far, he may not be fair but he will make life fair for you! See, it is good to make a long list of all we want from a man but above all make sure he is God’s will for you!

Before you conclude he is Mr Right because he is popular and have the same birth date with you, be more sensitive to hear from God, do you have peace of mind? Does he support your dreams and purpose? Only one fireful brother is meant for you, you will not marry more than one, so don’t mistake one for the other, wait for the right one!

If you are sensitive, you will feel it when you see him, its not the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, your spirit will bear witness with you that you have met the one meant for you
You may not have this experience at the first meeting but maybe one day you will feel it, you will know it, you will be convinced! Just make sure you are yielding to God’s will…..

©Scripted by The journey of A Christian Lady, hope you have been blessed! Please share to bless someone


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