Lawrence Oyor And Darasimi Mike – Bamiloye

Please sisters!!!
Stop all this God of Darasimi,bring my own Lawrence Oyor.
Have God for yourself and you will certainly get your own special man,who will even be better than Lawrence Oyor.

In your mind now,you think Lawrence Oyor is the best man in the whole world???
Hummmm….come off that!!!
There are no best men anywhere.
The anointing to chant is different from the anointing to make a marriage work or be the best husband.

So don’t think because you see, Lawrence Oyor chanting with fire,that now makes him a perfect man.
I don’t know Lawrence Oyor that much. I had only met him when I went for Battle Axe Retreat, but all I know very well about him is that he loves God, and that I can’t use to validate that, he will be a very loving husband, but I trust he will definitely be, but it’s all an assumption with which I don’t understand how ladies will be wishing they are married to him based on just that.

Sisters, stop giving yourself headache, whenever you see a lady getting married to a great man and start working on yourself.
You can’t just sit down and wish that, a Lawrence Oyor comes your way.

Huhhhhhhh….I pity you!!!
Gone are those days oo
Moreover all those things you watch on Nollywood are just fictions,where a king will go and marry one girl in the village.
Now kings marry queens!!
Yeahhhh…I tell you!
So care more about making yourself a queen,to attract the king you need.

Don’t just remain an ordinary lady and expect to get the best husband.
I made research about Darasimi and I got beautiful findings.
Even though her father was a popular minister,she didn’t just relax,she still went out to build a name for herself via true talk.

How would a Lawrence Oyor not love that kind of a lady,who is already fulfilling destiny as a wife.
So now this is the question!!
What are you doing now, while you wait for your Lawrence Oyor???
What things are you putting out there,that could attract your own Lawrence Oyor???

Are you just sitting, doing nothing and then waiting for a Lawrence Oyor to come????
Hahhhhh…you will wait in vain ooo
And one other thing I want to tell you is that,not all ladies will marry a man like Lawrence Oyor.

Some will marry a man like Pastor David Oyedepo, Pastor Paul Enenche, Pastor E.A Adeboye who had nothing from the start.
Many of you, your Lawrence Oyor had come,but he came like Pastor David Oyedepo, and then you rejected him, and you are still part of those praying now, that your Lawrence Oyor should come.

See….. Sister better stop that childish prayer and go and carry the David Oyedepo God has given to you who might not look like him now.
Many of you would have married before Aunty Darasimi by now, but are you are still single because you are waiting for Bro Lawrence, whereas it’s bro Adeboye that God is giving you.

Open your eyes now and grab what is yours, before it’s too late.
Imagine what would have being the state of mama Becky Enenche,if she had rejected Pastor Paul Enenche then.
She would have been crying everyday now, especially if devil now punished her by giving her a bad brother to marry.

So,this is my advice for all sisters all over the world!!
Get to work on yourself,so you can attract the right man.
Ask yourself, “With the way my life is now, would God have sent my picture and name to Lawrence Oyor in the dream, telling him, that I am his wife??
Think about it

Many people are still having all manner of crush around and still want Lawrence Oyor.
Hummmmm….you think God is not wise ni???
And also check out to see if God has already brought the right man your way but you rejected him.

Please share until all sisters see this
©The Priesthood

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