Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman and spouse

There are certain things, sisters I love you and am speaking to you from the depth of my heart. If you listen to me you will be saved.

If you are stubborn and you do not listen, I guarantee you, you would have defined a part that will lead you to tears…. Sisters here doesn’t mean ladies who have not yet married, just anybody.


Write it down…
I have summarize every sister cry just to four things…. Any brother that does not come along these line is dangerous…. I didn’t say he is bad I say he is dangerous.

I don’t care whether the brother is Joshua Selman. I don’t care whether the brother has a bible on top of his head if these four are not in place your home will be in disaster….


You have no business talking about relationship and marriage with any man who is no GOD FEARING. don’t be to fast allow me to define what I mean by God fearing.

Notice I didn’t say born again. Because that thing has been abused in the 21 century. A born again brother is not one who came out for altar call and you witness him raising his hand.

God fearing, the primary reason why society is in decadence, listen to me is because the men are not God fearing. The fear of the Lord is not believing in God they are two different thing… I can have faith in God and not fear God.

They are many faith filled Christian who are not God fearing. Look at this, am a Christian am a child of God. My life is govern by a reference. Listen the bible is my reference. My decision are made with respect to this reference. So when you tell me you are a husband what reference are you leading your life and your family….

What does it mean to be God fearing, to be God fearing….

number one, means to have reference, respect for God. Not just to believe in God but to have reference for Him.

Number two to be God fearing means to summit to the way of God. Summit to the word of God as the final authority in all matters…. So you do not mix the word of God and culture….
Sister the first thing you must look out in a man is not the car he brought…


In this order it has to be in these order. The second thing is that man must summit to an earthly authority…. He must be able to summit to an earthly authority.

For mentorship, for building, for correction. There are many family in trouble today because there is no authority figure over the life of the husband. There is no man that can call him and say no no what you are doing is wrong. He can beat the wife and almost kill her. He is a god of himself. Never marry a man who does not have a pastor, a mentor, spiritual authority, an elderly person.

There must be a personality that he has covenanted to listen to in His life. They are many ladies you are in a relationship and you say I think you should see apostle.

And he says see apostle for what… That’s how, after he slaps you and you say let go and see apostle and he say for what. Listen no matter how wrong a man and a woman is. If there is someone for them to listen to them you are still save….


Number three very quickly. If you are married and your husband doesn’t have this, begin to labour in the place of prayer. Lord turn the heart of this man, he must be God fearing. I have married him, the deed has been done, But Lord you can still step in. You are the God of the second chance….

Number three, sister you are praying or considering a man to marry or you are married. THAT MAN MUST HAVE PASSION FOR YOU, not love. Passion is an adjective that qualify the extent of love. I love you is not a language that is useful again in this generation because it has been abused, are you getting what am saying.

One thwart can be in somewhere holding his igboo(marijuana) and as you are passing he say sister I love you. People don’t know what I love you means again…. Please look at me let me tell you. Any man who does not have passion for you, will be unfaithful…. Any man with no passion for his wife I give you an iron plan guarantee he will be unfaithful.

How do you know Apostle. Let me tell you a shocking truth. Do you know over a 75 to 80 percent of men, even in Christian families, married men within the first five years of their marriage has been unfaithful to their wife. Statistical confirmed…..

So he needs to have passion for you..to be able to accelerate this scale….are you getting me…..


Then the last key ladies…. NEVER MARRY A MAN WHO IS IRRESPONSIBLE.

There must be a demonstration of responsibility. Many brothers are irresponsible. Christian brothers inclusive are irresponsible.

Tongue talking brothers.
What does it mean to be responsible. To be responsible means to be aware of the cost dimension of life…. I don’t mean money but anything to be done must be done by someone. The bible say every house is built by someone but God is the builder of all.

An irresponsible person say, they have not done it. A responsible say’s can we do it….

Marry Wisely……

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