Poem: IT’S TIME !

It's time
It’s Time

Its time to leave certain company and Join the Godly.
Its time to join the uncompromising side of Glory.

Its time for a new sound,a new direction in your life.
Its time for the Lambs of heaven to be burnt!
Its time for mantles to speak,as fathers exit the scene.
Its time to reunite as God’s kingdom Family!

Its time to focus and finish your Assignment well.
Its time to leave people that waste your time on the way to destination.
Its time to pour out what your experience has taught you in life into others.

Its time to finish the books your started!!!
Its time for someone to use your story as encouragement!!
Its time to find your path and maintain the course.
Its time to be different in a world where everyone compromises.

Its time for the light in you to be seen,shine and lead.
Its time for you to know you are on a pilgrimage and migration is certain!!!!!!
Its time for evey husband to pay attention to his family,every child,every gift as a leader of the house.

Its time for you the stop looking up to men and Trust in the name of the Lord.
Its time for change of Guard!!!!
Its time for the Roar in you to come forth when pressure of compromise knocks your door!
Its time to see the signs of the coming king!!!

Its time for some of you to stand alone for TRUTH!
Its time to be rejected and despise for His name sake!
Its time to be the change we have been praying for !!!!!!

This is the day of the sound of alarming for everyone to rise higher!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“Blow the trumpet in Zion,Sound the alarm on my Holy Hills,let the earth tremble for A PEOPLE EMERGE,SUCH AS NEVER BEEN SEEN AND WILL NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN”

It’s Time…. It’s Really Time

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