Furnace of affliction
Affliction process

God calls men out of the World… But the location where He finally CHOOSES those He would use is in the FURNACE of AFFLICTION.
Isaiah 48:10 “…I have chosen thee in the FURNACE of AFFLICTION.”

According to Scriptures, God called many, but out of the Many He called it was only those Few that could endure that FURNACE of Affliction that were CHOSEN to represent the KINGDOM.
Matthew 22:14 For many are called, but few are chosen.

God don’t choose men base on MERIT, He chooses those who are humble enough to endure the PROCESS till the end.
The Furnace of Affliction is a PROCESS everyone who wants to be CHOSEN by God in this end time must be ready to go through.

I’ve wondered why God has to CHOOSE His men from the Furnace of Affliction.
But He gave me His response…in the next Verse.
Isaiah 48:11 For mine own sake, even for mine own sake, will I do it: for how should my name be polluted? and I will not give my glory unto another.

The Reason why God decided that He will always choose His men from the Furnace of affection is so that His name would not be polluted.

Indeed there are many minsters of God on the Pulpit that have polluted the name of Christ.
Most of them have committed errors that brought shame and dishonor to the Body of Christ and to His name.

Of course you know, when a pastor falls into error, and the newspaper carries it…it’s the Name of Christ that will be polluted and blasphemed.
So, this is the major reason why God had to take us through a PROCESS…A Refining Process.

When you see a Leader in Church Lusting after the Flocks God has placed under His care, then know that that leader has not been through this FURNACE, though he may be anointed, but He’s not yet REFINED.
You can’t go through a FURNACE and not loose things…

Stop being ashamed of your today. Great men are made in the furnace of affliction…

Oil is made by crushing the olive. God is making something out of you.
Be patient and keep building yourself. Your future is looking for a version of you that is still in making. Stay with God.

When life is giving you a scar, respect it..It is why a crown will be put on your head.
If it means to cry, don’t be ashamed..Even Jesus wept.
You maybe going through it now dear powerful man and woman of God in making..yes it is true my sister that you don’t understand what’s going on now.. Don’t worry.. you will see what you will become when God is done with you.

Carry your scar with honour..when God lifts you they will be the witness.
Be patient with God. Wait on and for him. Everybody goes through seasons. There are certain cups you don’t pray away..ask for grace to go through them.
I know you don’t have house rent but please don’t act as if the whole world has ended…..

You may not have food but hold your cup of water with tears in your eyes and say Lord I know i will feed nations..
I’ve been praying for fruit of the womb what have I not done?
Don’t worry.. There is speed in waiting.

Man of God hear me.., business men hear me, father hear me…One day you will need this scripture…
For we know…that all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord..
…” I lost my father this year..”
I know it is painful, it doesn’t make sense but watch the intelligence of the one who designed the heavens and the earth…

Anytime your life looks clueless, tell yourself…”keep watching”..
When God sits down to design your Destiny, he designs it thoroughly in such a way that he insists that you arrive..

Every building does not look like it untill it is finished..every preacher , every worshipper does not look like it until God is done with him…..until they have successfully passed the furnace of afflictions.

You don’t have a car now be patient.. God is doing something with you. When he blesses you he will do it in a way that will shut the mouth of mockers.
My life is a testimony.

The Furnace of Afflictions Is a compulsory course for Generals in this kingdom… Why not pray now and say: “Lord, give me the grace to endure till the end…”

©Uche De Beloved
This message is brought to you by YOUTHS ARISE MEDIA.

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