4 Ways You Can Quench The Fire Of The Holy Spirit In You !

It’s possible for a believer to quench the Spirit. Quenching the Spirit is suffocating, extinguishing or suppressing the influence of the Holy Spirit in your life. Quenching the Holy Spirit can happen when you hear him speak to you but you don’t translate it into action.

Do not quench the Spirit;
– 1 Thessalonians 5:19

The easiest way to quench the work of the Holy Spirit in you life is by applying reasoning and using logic on anything he says and selectively using only parts of it…. Here are other ways by which we Quench the holy spirit in us without knowing:


When you are afraid of everything except God, you are giving room for the Holy Spirit to be quenched. You need to remember that the God you worship is greater than any person, situation, demonic force and satan himself. There is a good chance that your fear will prevent you from doing the Will of God.


This attitude can also put off the Holy Spirit. It is when you do not believe what God is capable of. You trust God exists but you are not sure if he can do what he claims. Its futile to selectively believe only what you want to believe and and doubt other things when it comes to God


The mark of a good christian walk is to allow God direct and control your life as opposed to you telling God what to do.

It is in our nature to try to control everything be it people, situations, events and outcomes. You have to learn to trust God and believe that he has your best interests in mind. The moment you take back control from God and start doing your own thing you quench the Holy Spirit


You always have your free will, at any point of time you can choose to do whatever you want with your life. Many times what you want and what God wants for you are going to be different.

Choosing what you want over what God wants is a sure way of quenching the Holy Spirit. You need to understand that God knows the past, present and future. He also knows the hearts of others and uses all this knowledge when deciding something for you.

It is simply impossible for you as a human being to think at that level You don’t need to yield your life to God for him to be able to make a serious difference….then you are joking

These are ways by which we could Quench the holy spirit in us…you have to be vigilant,so as not to go against the will of God. Because going against the will of God simply means becoming God’s enemy…..

God bless you…..

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